Thursday, May 29, 2014

Big abortion sticks their big nose into Canada's business

"The National Abortion Federation has presented a business case to the P.E.I. government with the aim to bring abortion services to P.E.I. 
Federation president Vicki Saporta says the plan would be cost-neutral for the province and that three doctors are willing to travel to P.E.I to perform the procedure."
Here's a thought. This Vicki Saporta seems to be very American to me. So why is she sticking her big nose into Canada's affairs? 
In fact in her recent statement she says she is "President of the National Abortion Federation and the National Abortion Federation Canada". How convenient. Just lump us both countries together into one big abortion pot.
Tell me Vicky, are these doctors offering to do these abortions for free? Or are you and they in this because big abortion is big money?
Just wondering.

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