Monday, January 28, 2013

How Reproductive Justice affects the pre-born child: silent screams cannot be heard but broken bodies can be seen

January 28, 2013: For Immediate Release (From CCBR press release)

25 Years of Bloodshed: Anti-Abortion Youth Activists Across Canada Mourn Morgentaler Anniversary

“January 28 is a solemn day that impacts every Canadian, whether they realize it or not. Due to R. v. Morgentaler, our streets are emptier, our pre-born brothers and sisters live tenuously in a state of constant danger, and a generation of girls has been sold the insidious lie that their sons and daughters are disposable for any arbitrary reason at all,” said Stephanie Gray, executive director of CCBR who was just 7 years old when the Morgentaler decision passed.

“A new generation of young people are rising up to say stop killing our generation,” she continued. “Canada has failed miserably to live up to the standards of our Constitution and our Charter. When we say 'everyone' has a right to life, we need to mean everyone, including the youngest of our kind.”

Gray said that her group uses graphic abortion imagery because “pre-born childrens’ silent screams cannot be heard but their broken bodies can be seen—which cry out for justice.”

Demonstration locations and times:
Toronto: 6:30pm @ 2 Sussex Avenue
Windsor: 12pm @ Oulette Ave and Wyandotte St
London: 5pm @ Sarnia Rd and Western Rd
Calgary: 8pm @ 1133 Kensington Rd
Prince George: TBA

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