Monday, November 26, 2012

It's time for a change

I agree with Margaret Somerville's reasoned approach to some legal limits on abortion.

Dr. Somerville says:
To find some common ground, we have to stop allowing people with views at the far ends of either the pro-choice spectrum or the pro-life spectrum to dominate the debate, as they now do, especially in the mainstream media. For too long, the battles between those on each extreme have prevented the nuanced discussion with which most Canadians can identify. We need to work together and build on the existing consensus, rather than focus just on differences. In short, we need to start our discussions from where we agree, not where we disagree.

There are pro-choice people who are against third trimester abortions and or sex selection abortions and who would support such legal restrictions. But as Dr. Somerville points out, we have allowed ourselves, for far too long now, to be swayed by the extremes on either end of the abortion debate.

This has simply guaranteed that legal protection for pre-born children will never become a reality, because the majority of Canadians would never agree to a complete ban on abortion. We know this. It isn't going to change. We need to engage these other Canadians who consider themselves somewhere between these two endposts.

I also agree with Dr. Somerville that:
"we need to consider supportive, non-coercive abortion prevention programs. For instance, a woman with a crisis pregnancy should know that, if she decides against abortion, she will be offered fully adequate psychological and social support...we ensure there are facilities readily available for crisis pregnancy counseling, which are not abortion clinics"

Women need to be able to "be allowed" to say no to abortion and not coerced by whomever, including some "pro-choice" people. We need to help these women who want to say no, and support that choice.

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