Friday, April 27, 2012

The pro-abortions should listen to themselves

I think the pro-abortions are losing it.

The radical feminists just keep dragging out their same, old, tired, boring, urban legend myths, every time they talk. I wonder if they ever listen to themselves:
"abortion is a basic human right."
"abortion is a constitutional right."
"legal restrictions on abortion don't work because women will still have them anyway."

(While we're at it, maybe we should make murder legal too, since people will still murder anyway.)

When Ms. Arthur was asked about a compromise in the abortion debate, she completely ignores the question and instead says:
"I want to respond to what Natalie said about the polls. It[abortion] is too complex an issue to have it accurately judged by polls."

Really? Is that because people are too stupid to understand the questions being asked them?

And because these polls are:
"Commissioned by anti-choice groups or use anti-choice propaganda, the answers can't be trusted."

Take that Environics.

Then Ms. Arthur starts on a new tangent and tells us that:
"it is totally inappropriate to have legal restrictions playing a role in treatment or procedure in medicine covered by law."

Except that abortion isn't a treatment for anything Joyce. Abortion is the destruction of a defenceless human. This is a situation where the law has an extremely appropriate role.

They are really really afraid of this motion, and the abortion debate it's generating. What's happening here, is that the pro-abortions don't want us to talk about abortion because they know whenever the topic comes up, like in Mr. Woodworth's motion, their pro-abortion arguments simply don't hold up to scrutiny or logic. The more we put the pro-abortions on the hot seat and make them defend their radical views, the more everyone will see how what they say doesn't make any sense.

I did notice that Ms. Arthur actually said that the:
"Fetus is biologically human".

Oh my, was that a mistake?

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