Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feminists: author of their own demise

In response to this in the Toronto Sun:
Conceal baby's sex to reduce sex-selective abortions in Canada: Journal

I wrote this letter which was published yesterday:

Risking ‘gendercide’
Re “Conceal baby’s sex to reduce sex-selective abortions in Canada: Journal” (Jan. 17):

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada executive director Joyce Arthur says banning sex selection abortion is a “dangerous road to go down” and reeks of “paternalism.”

One would think feminists would want to ensure the protected continuation of the female members of the human species.

The Economist reported in 2010 that about 100 million girls have already been aborted world wide because of gendercide. So, the “dangerous road” is the one we are already travelling, where female gendercide continues unabated.

The irony is that if feminists like Arthur continue to refuse to condemn sex-selection abortions, they could very well be the author of their own demise.

Patricia Maloney

The Sun's response:
("But she doesn’t see it that way — abortion rights at all costs is the feminist way")

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