Friday, September 23, 2011

The six million dollar miracle

So Canada is giving 6 million dollars to International Planned Parenthood Federation. To provide sex education and contraception in developing countries in Africa. Where abortion is currently illegal.

Where do I begin?

How about, with one of IPPF's main goals? That would be,"to make abortion legal and safe everywhere."

IPPF also promotes abortion access as a woman’s right, in fact as a human right in international law. IPPF says:
“sexual and reproductive rights should be internationally recognized as human rights and therefore guaranteed for everyone.”

As everyone who knows anything about IPPF knows, "sexual and reproductive rights" includes "abortion rights."

So let's see. If I was IPPF, and I advocated to make abortion legal everywhere, and I had 6 million dollars to provide sex education to countries where abortion is illegal, don't you think I might, you know, do some self promoting of abortion, in those very same countries to make abortion legal? So that I could drum up some more business?

Remember that IPPF admits their goal is to make abortion legal all over the world. That's the business Planned Parenthood is in. Abortion. You can't separate the goals from the money.

And what about last year when the Liberal motion to fund abortion in the Maternal Health initiative was defeated? I thought Canadians were assured by Mr. Harper, that there would be no funding for abortion in the third world? That our tax dollars would not fund abortion in the developing world?

Or do I have that wrong?

But of course that was all before the election. Before the Conservatives under Mr. Harper won their majority. The majority that couldn't have been won without the support of social conservatives.

Well now Mr. Harper has his coveted majority. So really, who needs those pesky social conservatives anyway? Who needs those irritating pro-lifers who are always complaining how Canada is virtually the only country in the world with legalized abortion right up until birth, and how we have that darned-dubious-distinction of being the most abortion tolerant country in the world?

So here's a thought. What if Mr. Harper decided to give money to IPPF for a very strategic reason? After all, we all know that Mr. Harper is no dummy.

What we do know is that, with more money, IPPF can continue to spread their gospel of abortion. To every corner of the globe. Right around the world. Everywhere. Resulting in more countries converting to legalized abortion for all nine months. For any reason. Or for no reason. Just like Canada.

Now we would share our darned-dubious-distinction with other countries. Maybe the whole world. And Mr. Harper wouldn't have to listen to pro-lifers complain anymore about how Canada is the most abortion accepting country in the world. Because the rest of the world would have limitless abortion just like us.

So I'm just wondering. Was this the agenda Mr. Harper had all along? Hidden until he got his majority?

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