Monday, June 20, 2011

A political party is called to serve a people

Father De Souza's message to the Conservative Party that "all laws make moral choices" is a key factor in the abortion debate we aren't allowed to have in this country.

Fr. De Souza says:
"It is also incorrect to set up a false category of so-called "moral issues" -as if all political choices were not just that -and bestow on them a special untouchable status. This is in fact impossible, for in the realm of moral choices, not to choose is itself a choice. Morality shapes politics, and to choose not to choose is a political choice. The magistrate is not permitted to wash his hands as if it were possible to remain neutral between good and evil, right and wrong."

Fr. De Souza makes a lot of sense. Legal protection for the unborn will eventually happen in Canada. It is inevitable for the simple reason that, it is what Canadians want. By Hr. Harper choosing to refuse to allow us to have that abortion debate, means he has not remained neutral. He cannot wash his hands.

As Fr. De Souza also says,"A political party is called to serve a people". With Mr. Harper's quashing debate, he is not serving the people, he is serving himself. That is not what a leader is supposed to do.

The right thing to do--especially now that we have a majority government--would be for Mr. Harper to call a commission to allow all Canadians to present their viewpoints on abortion.

Mr. Harper needs to stop for a moment. He needs to seriously consider this moral guidance so generously offered by Father De Souza.

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