Saturday, June 4, 2011

If ABC is real, what then?

Today I discovered that WonderBra also supports the Breast Cancer Industry (BCI). So I sent them my letter.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation also lists all the products that support the BCI. And they have a shaving cream load of products too. Of course all one needs to do, is look for that little pink ribbon on product packaging.

I just had a crazy thought. Imagine the following scenario.

It's some time in the future. Research finally, and conclusively tells us that, yes indeed, abortion is a contributing factor to breast cancer. What will happen to all those women who have had an abortion, but never knew of the possible ABC link, because nobody ever told them about it?

(Think about it. If ABC is possible, any woman who chooses to have an abortion, should at the very least, obtain more breast cancer screening and/or mammograms, than women who have never had an abortion.)

Maybe they will get real cranky pants, and you know, launch a class action suit against the Industry and/or the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Sort of like what people did with the tobacco companies. For not telling them about the risks of smoking.

That would be interesting, don't you think?

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