Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank you for your courage

November 3, 2010

Dear Ms. Block,

I would like to thank you for your principled stand on Monday in the House of Commons, when you chose to stand up and support Mr. Bruinooge's Bill C-510 that would allow a woman to press charges if she is coerced into an unwanted abortion.

Even though the pro-abortions in the House such as, Ms. Nicole Demers, Ms. Irene Mathyssen, Ms. Marlene Jennings, Ms. Jean Crowder and others, would prefer to shut down our democracy by not having any debate whatsoever about abortion, I can take comfort in knowing that there is at least one woman in the House of Commons, in my Parliament, in my country, who will speak for the unborn and who will also speak for me, a woman.

It is so tragic that the pro-abortions insist on telling us that they speak for women. Because they do not. They do not speak for me, and they most certainly do not speak for the children in our country who never get the chance to become a woman; to become a man; to become a Canadian citizen.

Even though I am only one small voice, I will support you in what you are doing in this great country of ours. And I will support all MPs who stand up for what is right, for what is moral, and for what will protect the most defenseless of our citizens.

I pray that other MPs will have the courage to follow your strong leadership and will also support Roxanne's Law.

Thank you again.

Patricia Maloney
cc Mr. Rob Nicholson, Justice Minister
Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister
Mr. Rod Bruinooge, Chair of the Pro-Life Caucus


  1. Is an induced abortion really a ‘medical necessity’?
    On behalf of Canada Silent No More we declare that our abortions, like most across Canada were merely done as a form of birth control. There was no medical necessity, we were of good health and sound mind, before our abortions. Many of us were told it was “just a clump of tissue” or made to believe it was not a person.
    We were told it was a “safe” procedure, yet many of us have suffered years of irreparable physical damage to our cervix, uterus/bodies. Some of us have had pre-term births as a result, or cervical or breast cancer. Dozens of studies confirm the Breast Cancer Link, see and Some aborted the only child we could ever have. Some of us have had years of deep sorrow, remorse, depression, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies at the thought of having our own babies killed… For many it has forever affected our parenting with born children, sex lives and relationships because abortion is connected to these. Many studies reveal the damage of abortion to women. and attached.
    Should Canadians be paying over 80 MILLION dollars a year to fund this elective procedure that cures no disease, but actually takes the life of a human being; no matter how small? Why do we pay for male and female sterilizations, but do not fund Fertility treatments for couples who want children and can’t have them?
    For many years First Nation Peoples in Canada had no personhood, their homes were taken from them, many were killed when the white man came to this continent, their children ripped from their mothers arms and forced into Residential schools. Canadian women also had no ‘personhood’ status for decades until 1929! The black slaves had no right to life, the Jewish people had no right to life, and millions were annihilated.

    Today it is the pre-born children that have no personhood in our generation, and they are being systematically exterminated in hospitals and clinics without question, on demand. Why should someone be killed because of where they temporarily reside? Why should someone’s life be taken because they are not ‘wanted’ by another person? Politicians better look at our demographics, we have an aging/dying population…who will be the next to go?

    We are sorry, and we are a voice for our aborted children. We say BRAVO to New Brunswick for not paying for the shedding of innocent blood. According to polls the majority of Canadians do not want to fund abortions anyway. It is schizophrenic to be saving sick, premature babies on one end of the hospital; while killing healthy babies on the other end. Abortion is not a black and white issue…it is blood red, and should be unthinkable, not paid for by taxpayers~
    Denise Mountenay
    Denise Mountenay
    Speaker/Author of Forgiven... a true story
    Together for Life Ministries
    Canada Silent No More
    107 Discovery Ave. Morinville, AB. T8R 1N1

  2. Since the decision is the woman's I think shell have a hard time proving she didn't choose the abortion should such a law pass.

  3. It would be no different than any other crime--it would have to be proven in a court of law (relying on testimony, evidence, etc.)