Friday, November 19, 2010

No words needed

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  1. Great video. Too bad, it doesn't show the actual time from conception. They should have added that in one of the corners - so many hours, days, weeks - so that people realize that what's shown at 3:30 mark is the baby at 2-3 weeks, not 15-20 weeks as some may claim; that the beating heart (4:19) is also something that's there at 18-20 days not weeks.

    Since there's no such counter and the video then (4:25) fast-forwards to 5th month and to 7th, it creates false impression that at the time most abortions take place (first trimester) the baby still looks something like what's shown around the 3-minute mark. (When in reality - they should refer to 4:20-4:25.)