Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Best of: Ottawa's Pro-Life March for Life

Today's Annual March for Life in Ottawa had 12,500 peaceful marchers, sometimes singing, sometimes being taunted by handfuls of abortion advocates.

Best picture of the day: A whole whack of pro-life MPs. Many of whom are members of the ultra "secretive" pro-life caucus. Oh. Except they were standing in front of the aforementioned 12,500 marchers on Parliament Hill. Hmm...

Best T-Shirt of the day "ABORTION: The leading cause of death in America"

And last but not least, the Best quote of the day comes from former Prime Minister Joe Clarke. As we were heading into 240 Sparks St. to get a bite to eat we traversed through Holt Renfrew when we saw him. The three of us introduced ourselves, and Mr. Clark, always the politician asked us where we were from and where were we going. We told him we were going to the Pro-Life March. You know, the one against abortion? He started to look kind of uncomfortable and he said to us: "We're not going to have this debate right here" and he was gone.

I should have asked him, when would be a good time to have this debate? How about my people call your people?


  1. That was a successful march, and it drew many young people who did not follow blindly the crowd but knew what they were doing and expressed it. 12,500 marchers is a very tiny group of people compared to all Canadians, but it was a marvelous and courageous start of the fight against this evil: "abortion". Let's continue to pray for its total eradication.