Thursday, January 27, 2022

Linepharma, Mifegymiso, adverse reactions, and profit

This is my final post in this five part series on Linepharma, who markets, distributes, sells and profits from abortion in over 25 countries, including Canada. 

I've only documented a few of the adverse reaction cases from the 195 page ATIP package I received. You can view the other cases here from my Health Canada ATIP.

I cross referenced the 195 page report to the Canada Vigilance Summary of Reported Adverse  (43 records for MIFEGYMISO). Notice this from the first page of the summary report

"CAVEAT (from the report): This summary is based on information from adverse reaction reports submitted by health professionals and laypersons either directly to Health Canada or via market authorization holders. Each report represents the suspicion, opinion or observation of the individual reporter. The Canada Vigilance Program is a spontaneous reporting system that is suitable to detect signals of potential health product safety issues during the post-market period. The data has been collected primarily by a spontaneous surveillance system in which adverse reactions to health products are reported on a voluntary basis. Under reporting of adverse reactions is seen with both voluntary and mandatory spontaneous surveillance systems. Accumulated case reports should not be used as a basis for determining the incidence of a reaction or estimating risk for a particular product as neither the total number of reactions occurring, nor the number of patients exposed to the health product is known. Because of the multiple factors that influence reporting, quantitative comparisons of health product safety cannot be made from the data. Some of these factors include the length of time a drug is marketed, the market share, size and sophistication of the sales force, publicity about an adverse reaction and regulatory actions. In some cases, the reported clinical data is incomplete and there is not certainty that these health products caused the reported reactions. A given reaction may be due to an underlying disease process or to another coincidental factor. This information is provided with the understanding that the data will be appropriately referenced and used in conjunction with this caveat statement."

Lots of wiggle room there. Notice this statement: 

"Under reporting of adverse reactions is seen with both voluntary and mandatory spontaneous surveillance systems." (emphasis added)

Presumably there are many adverse reactions that are never reported to Health Canada. How many? We will probably never know. But women who take this deadly pill are really on their own. They go home, take the pills, and who knows what consequences these women will suffer? And will they be reported?

Medical abortions really just add another whole level of evil to the already abhorrent reality of abortion.

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