Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Canadian foreign aid to Africa is tied to abortion

Dear Justin Trudeau,

Please watch this video which details what you are doing in Africa. The interview is with an African woman Obianuju Ekeocha and David Mulroney, former Canadian Ambassador to China.

After watching this video and being a concerned Canadian citizen, I have some questions for you Mr. Trudeau that I would like you to answer.

1) Africa has their own values. Yet it seems you are imposing your own values on the African people. So why are you funding abortion in Africa?

2) Why are you unilaterally making decisions about abortion in Africa when Africans are not interested in abortion?

3) Why are you tying foreign aid dollars to Africa to the provision of abortion and abortion related education?

4) Why aren't you instead providing actual aid for African vital services, like clean water, good nutrition, safe maternity care, as well as building hospitals and schools?

5) Why do you describe our foreign aid policy as a "feminist" foreign aid policy? What does foreign aid to poor countries have to do with abortion?

6) Why is our foreign aid policy written by Westerners, and not by Africans?

7) Why are you funnelling this foreign aid to pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes and the Clinton foundation, instead of to Canadian pro-life groups?

8) Why are some of the people who provide this aid living in luxury Hilton hotels in Africa while many Africans are hungry and go without proper medical care or education?

9) The African people do not want your feminist foreign aid. So why do you tie the promise of millions of dollars to Africans, by forcing your abortion ideology on them?

10) The only people excited about your "feminist" foreign aid policy are radical pro-abortion Canadians and not Africans. Is this who you are appeasing? Do you even care about what Africans need and want?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Patricia Maloney

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