Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Pro-abortion UNFPA received $390,680,202 from Liberals

Further to my previous entries (Part 1Part 2Part 3) on the tax dollars doled out for 'reproductive rights', I will now focus on individual organizations that advocate/promote 'reproductive rights', code word for abortion. Today's numbers are for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

UNFPA received $390,680,202 from the Liberals during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's first term in office.

UNFPA says they do not promote or provide abortion services. According to ADF International, UNFPA does promote abortion.
'The discrepancy between the Agency’s designated mandate and actual activity is evident in the central focus of its programmatic and advocacy efforts—the fulfillment of ‘reproductive rights,’ which means abortion in UN parlance. Although the term is not explicitly defined as including abortion in any UN document, and appears in no binding instruments of international law, reproductive rights’ has been embraced by the pro abortion movement as the definitive term in support of a universal right to abortion. It was the ICPD that elevated the concept of ‘reproductive rights’ to international prominence and entrenched the term in the UN agenda. Even though it is not defined as abortion in the ICPD, and the document makes clear that abortion laws are to be decided by national legislatures, abortion activists were quick to co-opt the term, rendering it synonymous with abortion in the UN discourse. It is clear that ‘reproductive rights’ is considered the broad umbrella term under which all individual abortion-related terms fall, and as such is the most promoted phrase in the pursuit of the abortion agenda'
UNFPA also partners with abortion provider Marie Stopes:
‘[L]et me say that Marie Stopes International is one of UNFPA’s most valued partners in the great work we are doing together.'
And also with abortion provider IPPF:
'The relationship between IPPF and UNFPA is deeply entrenched and dates back to their founding. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of IPPF, a UNFPA representative speaking on behalf of the Agency praised the abortion conglomerate, stating, ‘IPPF is a true pioneer in our field and is rightly known for its brave and angry spirit and going boldly where governments have feared to go’—the reference to governments a not-so subtle nod to the Agency’s proclivity for defying State sovereignty.'
ADF International did a very thorough job in their analysis of UNFPA and it's abortion ideology.

It seems that when President Trump reduced funding to UNFPA, Justin Trudeau stepped up his. On our behalf.

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