Sunday, December 1, 2019

A true Canadian hero

On Monday Nov 25 Fr. Tony Van Hee received the Archbishop Adam Exner Award for Catholic Excellence in Public Life, from the Canadian Civil Rights League.

Here is a write up about the event from Lou Iacobelli: Ottawa Rosary praying priest to end abortion wins CCRL award
"We congratulate Fr. Tony Van Hee for a much deserved award but more importantly for doing what St. James teaches us to put faith into action. Canada is a much better place because of pro-life and faith warriors like Fr. Tony Van Hee. May the Lord continue to bless his apostolic efforts on Parliament Hill. Canada needs them more than ever. Our prayers are with you."
The speaker for the evening was Deborah Gyapong.

Congratulations Fr. Tony. Thank you for witnessing and speaking for our pre-born children.

Some pictures from the event.

More pictures from the event here.


  1. One of Jesus' Apostles to the Unborn. May he be blessed further by our triune God.

  2. Makes my heart sing when I see a priest standing up for the unborn against all the odds & persevering for so many years...God bless you Father!!

  3. Congratulations, Fr Tony. Well deserved. You help restore our faith in Canada.