Monday, December 4, 2017

Catholic universities don't need to defend illegal abortions

My letter in the National Post last Friday:

Science Minister Kirsty Duncan thinks the Tories should comment on the cancelling of the pro-abortion film Vessels at St. Paul’s University for free speech reasons.

First of all, this movie is about a doctor who takes her abortion trade to the open seas. Why? So she can provide abortions to women on a ship in offshore waters. Why? So she can bypass the country’s abortion laws and provide the abortion pill RU486 to women. This doctor is engaging in illegal activities to bypass the laws of sovereign countries.

Second, St. Paul’s University is a Catholic institution. Catholic institutions don’t condone abortion because Catholicism believes that abortion is an immoral act and is harmful to the woman and her family.

Duncan’s press secretary stated: “In a free society, we may disagree with a person’s views, but we must defence (sic) their right to hold them — unless those views promote hate.”

What about when those views promote illegal activities? Should we defend those views as well? I hope not. 

Patricia Maloney, Ottawa

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  1. What about all the attempts to silence prolife people at universities? Is that not about free speech? And yet the press secretary said THAT???