Saturday, June 4, 2016

Media bias and abortion

Brenda O'Brien tin the Irish Times talks about media bias in Ireland as it relates to abortion. Two complaints were made against a radio show, and both complaints were upheld.
"...In a balanced and fair society, voices are added to the debate, not subtracted from it.
...In general, media workers are more sympathetic to pro-choice voices. Twenty-six years ago, the Pulitzer prize-winning David Shaw, appointed by his LA Times editor to be as critical of media as the media are of every other institution, did intensive research over 18 months on major US newspaper, television and newsmagazine coverage of abortion.
He found “scores of examples” showing news media consistently use language and images that frame the entire abortion debate in terms that implicitly favour abortion-rights advocates...."
We in Canada of course have our own media bias. And our national broadcaster the CBC is probably the worst offender.

It is so bad at the CBC that they can't even see it. When I complained to the CBC about a show they did on RU-486, as expected they didn't agree with me. Of course, talk about your conflict of interest. At least in Ireland the complaint was upheld and it was an outside body who dealt with the complaint.

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