Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pro-life ad is not disgusting - it's true

Pro-life ads are on Ottawa city buses:
"The ads say “Abortion Stops A Beating Heart” The ad does not include any graphic images. Instead, it depicts a red and black heart with the words, “Pregnant? Need help?” accompanied by a number and website for the organization Action Life."
But the pro-abortions are up in arms. No surprise there:
"A photo of the ad shared on Facebook on March 11 by Algonquin College student Danika Sabourin generated over 220 shares and 68 likes over two days.  
“I am so disgusted,” wrote Sabourin. “How can this post even be allowed on here?” 
Local activist and blogger Kayla Spagnoli shared the image on Twitter and asked people to contact OC Transpo because she said she found the campaign insensitive to women. 
“I feel like there is a time and a place but I don’t think that is on the back of a bus where it could be triggering or harmful for younger audiences,” said Spagnoli. “Bringing up abortion in that light is not helpful for anyone. It makes it seem very black and white.”"
Good grief.

Here is my response to OC Transpo:
"Thank you for the Ads on the buses from Action Life. Abortion does stop a beating heart. These ads tell the truth and I applaud your decision to post them. Thank you."
You can send your own response in support of the ad to OC Transpo here.

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  1. Here in Halifax, we are trying to get ads on signs in the ferry terminals. And waiting for Metro Transit to approve them. Ours simply reads First breath - everyone deserves one with a photo of a newborn baby.

    We were denied access to signs in a mall, but hopefully the Transit commission will okay them. I had heard previously that it was the atheists who won this battle for us, when they fought to get their "there is probably no god" put up on buses. Strange bedfellows but the issue is freedom of speech.