Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How can Justin Trudeau present himself as being Catholic?

From SHEILA GUNN REID at Rebel Media:
"I'm pro-life. I believe that a unique and precious human life exists at conception. 
I say I believe it but what I mean is that I know it to be true, ethically, medically and spiritually. 
"We never really knew how Stephen Harper felt on the subject personally. He never proclaimed anything the way I just did. But as a man of principle, he realized that abortion is a matter of conscience. Stephen Harper understood that for many people, people like me, being pro-life is a matter of our very salvation. Asking us to be pro-choice is like asking us to literally sell our soul. So when the issue of opening up a debate about when life begins arose, Stephen Harper did not whip the vote. How could he ask anyone to put their soul on the line for the party? 
But that’s what Justin Trudeau is doing. He insisted all of his MPs be pro-choice. 
Trudeau made being pro-choice a condition for being given the green light to run as a Liberal party candidate. He really did. I'm not a theologian but I am a lifelong Catholic. 
Trudeau's position is a strange one for a man who presents himself as publicly Catholic and moreover it's totalitarian. How could anyone demand that a person of faith choose the Liberal party over their own moral convictions?"

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