Monday, August 24, 2015

Ask your candidate what they think about abortion

From the people at

Does your candidate support:

Late term abortion?
Sex selective abortion?
Pre-born victims of crime?

Welcome to lifeTOUR, a cross-country tour spearheaded by with more than 20 events across the country. Do you want to make a difference for pre-born children in Canada? Together we can ensure pre-born human rights are discussed during the 2015 federal election, and work to bring an end to unregulated abortion in Canada.

So what is the goal of this tour? lifeTOUR seeks to ensure that Canada’s leaders cannot ignore the injustice that is being committed against 100,000 of our pre-born neighbours every single year.

We aim to provide everything that you need to feel equipped for engaging your candidate in this discussion. In addition to learning where the different political parties stand, this site will inform you with questions to ask the candidates, petitions to sign, and action items such as lawn signs, window decals and t-shirts to carry the message forward. Come out to an event in your area, engage your candidate through emails, phone calls, social media, or questions at all-candidates’ meetings, or all of the above!

Together we can make a difference for our pre-born neighbours!

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