Monday, January 12, 2015

CBC offensive to Catholics

Our public broadcaster--the one and only CBC--discriminates against Catholics by offending them in a disgusting manner.

According to Brian Lilley:
"On Wednesday CBC actually showed several cartoons including one of Pope Benedict. It was the cover after Benedict announced his resignation and it show him embracing a male Swiss Guard and saying Enfin Libre, or free at last. The implication being that Benedict resigned to be with his gay lover. 
But David Studer, the head of journalism standards and practices at CBC, sent a note to staff saying they would not offend Muslims. 
"We are not showing cartoons making fun of the Prophet Mohammad. Other elements of Charlie Hebdo's content and style are fine, but this area should be avoided as, quite simply, it's offensive to Muslims as a group," Studer wrote. 
So CBC's standards include offending Catholics but keeping Muslims happy."
I have emailed the CBC Ombudsman and complained about this.

You can too at:

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