Thursday, August 28, 2014

When writers drool

I'm no fan of Stephen Harper. Not since he threw social conservatives over the cliff, down the embankment, and into the river.

And I think that Justin Trudeau will probably be the next prime Minister of Canada. Not because he's got anything to offer as a leader, but for reasons that I or anyone else, can't seem to quite figure out. Never mind that pro-life persons need not apply to be a Liberal candidate in the next election--discrimination by any other name.

But then I read Heather Mallick's gushing compliments about Trudeau. It makes me yearn for a political leader who isn't even on the political scene: anyone else.

Mallick thinks Trudeau is fantastic because he is/has
"intelligent, humane, self-confident, a Québécois, a most marvellous family, a sophisticated career-minded wife, three adorable young children with interesting names, an English degree, a UBC teaching degree, intellect, wit, good looks, warmth, can wear a suit."
Oh. And Mallick also likes that he can dance. All very important qualities for the next leader of Canada. Especially the dancing part. And that English degree and suits. Important stuff for sure. Now I know why I would never vote for Trudeau.

But when Mallick then proceeds to personally attack Stephen Harper, it makes me want to vote for him next time round. I actually feel embarrassed for Mallick.

Does she actually read what she writes? Does she have an editor? Or does she do this all on her own?

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  1. Check out Colin Kerr's blog on this.

    He claims that it is women who elected Obama and it will be women who elect Trudeau. The reason: women believe that peace and well-being for all can be achieved through dialogue, and they won't vote for anyone who might act manly, such as using force to protect one's country and force to subdue others. I think he has a point.