Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pro-life people are not going away

The priests at our parish are unabashedly pro-life. Thank God for that.

This morning we were lucky to hear a pretty pointed pro-life homily from Farther Jerry.

He told us about Stephen Woodworth's Motion 312 to create a committee to look at when an unborn child becomes a human being. He told us he called Mr. Woodworth's office Friday night and left him a message to congratulate him on his motion.

He told us about the 40 days for life initiative which starts this week. This is an international campaign of prayer and peaceful witness outside of the world's abortion mills to highlight and defeat the scourge of abortion in our time. This prayer campaign has helped to close abortion clinics, and has saved thousands of babies.

He told us how Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, and others have spoken up for the unborn.

Father Jerry wrote his first letter to a Prime Minister when he was 8 years old. He was sitting at the kitchen table and asked his father what abortion was. His father answered him, that's when the government kills babies.

Father Jerry also had a message for Mr. Harper regarding pro-life people. He wants Mr. Harper to know that pro-life people are not going away. That pro-life people have courage. He told us not to let anyone tell us to mind our own business. He told us, this is our business.

We will end abortion. We will do it in God's time. And according to God's plan.

Update on September 25 - Father Jerry's full audio of his Sunday homily:

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