Monday, May 14, 2012

March for Life 2012: The news story you didn't read

Dear Ottawa Citizen,

What happened? Did you forget to cover the March for Life last Thursday? That's too bad.

Now I know it was a freezing, finger numbing, winter like, bone chilling, blustery windy day in Ottawa. It wasn't fun for me either. But it was news you know. And that's the business you're in, right?

I'm curious though. Tell me: If there were 20,000 “pro-choice” people marching through Ottawa, would you have covered that? And maybe you might even have written a front page news story. You know, instead of the one lonely photograph and wee tiny caption, and no story that we got.

Oh well. Not to worry, because I wrote it for you.

On Thursday May 10, 2012, almost 20,000 pro-life people marched through Ottawa to declare their support for Canadian unborn children and their mothers.
The day was freezing cold, windy and cloudy, appropriate for the somber message these people were trying to get across in the Nation's Capital, where Canada's complete lack of legal protection for its unborn children, is a scourge on our great country.
The cold however, did not deter the peaceful marchers. In fact, there was much singing and smiling for all to see and hear, by anyone willing to look and listen.
There were the requisite handful of loud people of the pro-abortion persuasion along the march route. But their tiny numbers were pretty easy to ignore. (Have a look at the footage below Ottawa Citizen. You might learn something).
On the Hill before and after the March we heard from many pro-life MPs and clergy.
More important than those speakers though, were the Silent No More women and men who testify how abortion ruins lives. Their lives and their families’ lives. They tell us of their anguish from abortion, and subsequent healing. Pretty powerful stuff for anyone willing to pay attention.
So what do you think Ottawa Citizen? Can you make it next year?

Patricia Maloney

(Many thanks to Maureen for her fine editing of the attached video)

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  1. Great footage of the March Pat. Thank you for posting this. Next time lets make sure we get close ups of the noisy pro-aborts. Pictures of who they are is so effective.