Sunday, February 26, 2012

The UK follows Canada's abortion lead

The National Post reported that sex-based abortions are widespread in the UK.

Sex-selection abortion makes some pro-choice people queasy. Why I don't know, since all abortion is horrific. Regardless, sex-selection abortion seems to be particularly yucky to them.

Anyway, this article said:
"Writing in The Daily Telegraph, retired doctor Theodore Dalrymple said abortion was allowed under the 1967 act for health reasons or because the life of the mother or child was endangered. Now it was being interpreted to provide "abortion on demand."

Sounds a lot like Canada if you ask me: abortion on demand.

Dr. Dalrymple says:
"Certain people will rejoice at this: those, for example, who argue that women have an inalienable right to dispose of their bodies as they wish, and therefore to determine whether or not they continue with their pregnancy. According to this argument, women have the right to an abortion simply because they want it, for good, bad or no reason. If this is the case, the consultants who offered the sexually selected abortions did nothing wrong, morally speaking.

Yes, just like Canada. The pro-abortions here already celebrate our any-time-any-reason-no-reason abortion philosophy, so rejoicing is just the next logical step.

Dr. Dalrymple continues:
"Whatever the law says, most people now think that abortion is a right under all circumstances and not something that is permissible if certain conditions are met, as the framers of the law surely intended. That particular slippery slope has long been slid down. And the same people now conceive of life as an existential supermarket in which they are consumers, choosing the way they live much as they choose cranberry juice or the flavour of crisps that they want. And the customer in the existential supermarket is always right."

The pro-abortions here already say ad nauseum, how women have a constitutional right to abortion, which of course, they don't have. But they don't let that stop them. Oh no, oh no. Look out UK. Just peek out across the ocean into Canada to see where you're headed. It isn't pretty. But it's very very real.

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