Monday, February 14, 2011

When abortion euphemisms don't work

It makes perfect sense that our Universities want to shut down pro-life groups like Carleton's Lifeline.

Graphically showing abortion is ugly. Students will see how ugly it is. Such ugly truths make it really hard to deny that abortion kills pre-born children. If the Universities allow these groups to continue, hearts might turn against abortion.

Hearts can and do turn against the destruction of innocent human life.

It happened to Abby Johnson.
It happened to Bernard Nathanson.
It happened to Oskar Schindler.

When you see the result of removing life from a Human life form, you have to question your beliefs.

As Joyce Arthur, Canada's most extreme "pro-choicer" let slip about her real motivation behind opposition to Bill C-484:
“If the fetuses are recognized in this bill, it could bleed into people’s consciousness and make people change their minds about abortion.” (“Fetal rights stir debate on abortion,” by Charles Lewis, National Post, March 1, 2008).

You see, the pro-abortions must prevent people--at all costs--from changing their minds about abortion.

Abby Johnson was present as an unborn child was being aborted from her mother. Johnson watched in horror as the fetus was killed. The truth about abortion hit Abby hard and she became pro-life.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who was responsible for 75,000 abortions, was also finally enlightened by the then, new technology of Ultrasound when he witnessed the same thing. He finally came to the same conclusion as Johnson.

They could no longer deny that abortion was killing a pre-born human being.

It was my recent viewing of Schindler's List that brought this home for me. When you actually use your own eyes to view the truth, the "pro-choice" euphemisms don't work anymore.

For the first part of the movie, Schindler uses his Jewish workers to make pots in his factory. According to Wikipedia:
"As an opportunistic businessman, Schindler was one of many who sought to profit from the German invasion of Poland in 1939. He gained ownership from a bankruptcy court of an idle enamelware factory...with the help of his German-speaking Jewish accountant Itzhak Stern, Schindler obtained around 1,000 Jewish forced labourers to work there.

Schindler soon adapted his lifestyle to his income. He became a well-respected guest at Nazi SS elite parties, having easy chats with high-ranking SS officers, often for his benefit. Initially Schindler may have been motivated by money — Jewish labour was less costly — but later he began shielding his workers without regard for cost. He would, for instance, claim that certain unskilled workers were essential to the factory."

But what happened next is key:
"While witnessing a 1943 raid on the Kraków Ghetto, where soldiers were used to round up the inhabitants for shipment to the concentration camp at Płaszów, Schindler was appalled by the murder of many of the Jews who had been working for him. He was a very persuasive individual, and after the raid, increasingly used all of his skills to protect his Schindlerjuden ("Schindler's Jews"), as they came to be called. Schindler went out of his way to take care of the Jews who worked at DEF, often calling on his legendary charm and ingratiating manner to help his workers get out of difficult situations."

In the scene described above, Schindler is out horse-back riding with one of his girlfriends. He is high up on a hill and he hears shots ring out. He watches in horror as the soldiers shoot the Jewish people below. He watches them fall from the gun shots, dead.

You know that this is the turning point for Schindler. Up until mow, Schindler knew what the Nazis were doing to the Jewish people. But it probably wasn't real to him. Perhaps he was in denial. Who knows?

But now he is witnessing with his own eyes the horror of the Jewish extermination right in front of himself. It was really happening. Jewish people were being slaughtered by soldiers, because some people had said that the Jews were not human.

Because some people say that the pre-born are not human.

The movie ends with the scene of the Jews he has saved extracting a gold tooth from one of their own. They fabricate a gold ring for Schindler as a thank you to the man who saved them. It was in-scripted with this quote from the Talmud:
"Whoever saves one life saves the world entire"

The pro-abortions don't want what happened to Johnson, Nathanson or Schindler to happen to anyone else. They must shut down university pro-life clubs.

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