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What would the Martians think?--(Part "unspeakable crime")

(Continued from my last post-What would the Martians think part 6)

The Vancouver Island Women’s Health Clinic says on their Making your decision page, that they support your "choice":
"We are not here to influence your decision. We support you in whatever choice you make."

But then they warn women against using crisis pregnancy centres:
"A word of caution: if you surf the net you will come across many anti-abortion websites that have frightening and inaccurate information about abortion. The resources and links page on this website has a list of pro-choice organizations that are good sources of information.

Antichoice groups sometimes set up offices, distress centres, phone lines or 'clinics' that pretend to help pregnant women with information and pregnancy tests.

Also beware of "CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTRES" (note the caps for added emphasis)

Many of these groups try to influence vulnerable women to continue their pregnancy by frightening them. Some will say anything to have you keep your pregnancy. Not all of their information about gestational development, health risks and after-effects of abortion is correct."

CPCs are support organizations that help women who choose to keep their baby or to put it up for adoption.

When people tell you they support your choice, but then warn you not to use CPCs, their bias is showing. They are "pro-choice" so long as your choice is abortion. These so-called pro-choicers are actually pro-abortion since they don’t support a woman’s "choice" to go to a CPC.

Further evidence of being pro-abortion is found in the two booklets linked to from this same page.

The first booklet is The Pregnancy Options Workbook where a section called Catholicism and abortion states:

"The official Catholic Church doctrine teaches that abortion is morally wrong."
This statement is true.

But next the booklet says:
"According to the organization, Catholics For A Free Choice, “This is not, as most Catholics think, based on the belief that the fetus is a person. The Church has no firm doctrine on when the fetus becomes a person. Thus, this teaching has never been proclaimed as infallible by the Pope. The Church is also more than the Pope and the Bishops. It includes all the people of God. Clergy, theologians and laity work together to develop church teachings. Many theologians and lay people feel that abortion can sometimes be a moral decision and that conscience is the final arbiter of any abortion decision... The Church also teaches that the conscience of the individual is supreme...If you carefully examine your conscience and then decide abortion is the most moral act you can do at this time, you are not committing a sin.” As with all religions, individuals must decide what their conscience says and their faith advises.

In fact, Catholic women choose abortion in the same proportion as non-Catholic women. Catholics for Free Choice “You Are Not Alone” 1436 U St. NW #301 Washington DC 20009

Catholics for Choice are a contradiction in terms. As I’ve said before here and here these “Catholics” can't be Catholics. So we can immediately disregard anything they say.

Next it says:
"Pope John Paul II recognized that “in dire circumstances, some women may honestly feel trapped with no viable option or alternative but to turn to abortion. Decisions that go against life sometimes arise from difficult or even tragic situations of profound suffering, loneliness, a total lack of economic prospects, depression, and anxiety about the future. Such circumstances can mitigate, even to a notable degree, subjective responsibility and consequent culpability of those who make these choices which, in themselves, are wrong.” (as quoted by Father Roberts, speech, 1998)"

What Pope John Paul II did say in his Encyclical Letter Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) was:
"Decisions that go against life sometimes arise from difficult or even tragic situations of profound suffering, loneliness, a total lack of economic prospects, depression and anxiety about the future. Such circumstances can mitigate even to a notable degree subjective responsibility and the consequent culpability of those who make these choices which in themselves are evil. But today the problem goes far beyond the necessary recognition of these personal situations. It is a problem which exists at the cultural, social and political level, where it reveals its more sinister and disturbing aspect in the tendency, ever more widely shared, to interpret the above crimes against life as legitimate expressions of individual freedom, to be acknowledged and protected as actual rights."

First, the Pope did not say the first line as quoted above starting with "In dire circumstances".
Second, he used the word "evil", not "wrong".
Third, the quote above omits the remaining important part of the paragraph of the quote.
Fourth, what Pope John Paul did call abortion elsewhere in his encyclical, was an "unspeakable crime":
"...Among all the crimes which can be committed against life, procured abortion has characteristics making it particularly serious and deplorable. The Second Vatican Council defines abortion, together with infanticide, as an "unspeakable crime".

I suggest the reader read the whole encyclical if you'd like to know Pope John Paul II’s entire guidance on abortion. It isn't ambiguous.

The second booklet on this link is the Unsure about your pregnancy? A guide to making the right decision for you"

This booklet comes courtesy of the National Abortion Federation. It states:
"If an agency tells you that abortion is unsafe or immoral, that is a clue that they are not interested in helping you make your own decision; call the National Abortion Federation’s hotline at (800) 772-9100 for the name of an agency that will give you accurate information and non-judgmental Assistance."

Let’s see. I’m not sure what I want to do. Should I keep my baby? Should I put it up for adoption? Should I abort it? Is abortion safe? What are my options? Oh I know what I’ll do...I’ll call the National Abortion Federation, the organization which represents doctors in the abortion business, for advice. Good plan.

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