Saturday, August 1, 2020

PEI abortion rates double in two years

CIHI notes in their published stats that:
"Induced abortions are not performed in clinics in Prince Edward Island."
Yet you can see from the chart below that Health PEI, not only reports abortions in PEI clinics, but that they report more abortions in clinics than in hospitals. According to the FOI I received from Health PEI, the clinic in question is the Women's Wellness Program & Sexual Health Services. It seems that Health PEI must be tracking these clinic abortions as hospital abortions. But there are also a few abortions being reported in a hospital setting.

Also medical abortions have been taking place since 2015 in PEI, albeit a very small number of them.

And as you can see, PEI Health's abortion numbers are quite different from CIHI's numbers.

The most troubling part of these numbers is that were more than twice as many abortions performed in 2019 (143) as were done in 2017 (67). Abortion rates (as reported by PEI Health) are clearly increasing.


  1. Patricia, I have a serious question. Why do you track these numbers? Healthcare is a provincial matter. Canada is a federation; provinces record things differently. Is it your goal to have standardized reporting categories? Why? What difference would it make?

  2. Why do people track anything? Why does Stats Canada and CIHI track numbers along with tons of other numbers? That's two massive organizations devoted to tracking stuff. Because we want to know. I know that CIHI's numbers are inaccurate, so I was hoping to discover more accurate numbers of abortions by doing FOIs. But it appears that hasn't happened. Yes I would like to have standardized reporting categories.

  3. But what is the purpose? Gathering facts usually has a point. To improve a service, to ubderstand implications of changes. . . How does collecting this data further your goal of outlawing abortion?

  4. Why does Joye Arthur regularly update abortion statistics on her site?
    Heck she even credits the work I've done on abortion statistics. So what's her purpose for reporting on abortion statistics? Maybe you should ask her.

    So what is my purpose? It's to know how many executions there are every year in Canada with this particular form of murder.

  5. Joyce and others keep stats in order to understand what's going on with a view to improving access and service. I think you're wasting your time. Pointing out that different agencies count differently is not going to change any minds.

  6. It’s of vital importance that the atrocities against human beings of each generation are well documented because history has a way of repeating itself. This generation has sunk to new lows with the torture and killing of millions of defenseless children. Thanks for doing this Pat.

  7. Sorry, Patricia, that "Pseudz" is me.