Monday, February 4, 2019

The right to life and the right to free speech

From the Christian Heritage Party of Canada:

Dear Members and Supporters of CHP Canada / CHP Hamilton Mountain

Next to the Right to Life what can be more important in a nation than the Right to Freedom of Speech?  Without this right we cannot publicly scrutinize public policies or those who may have an agenda to bring harm to Canadian citizens. Yet increasingly we are witnessing attempts by government at various levels to shut down free speech.  This is a very dangerous trend.

CHP Hamilton Mountain has approval for 3 bus shelter ads to be placed on the Hamilton Mountain for the month of May (see sample image).  In addition to the bus shelter ads we also plan to produce flyers (see attached) and distribute them to homes in the area of the bus shelters and beyond.

The estimated cost of this ‘Free Speech Matters’ campaign is $1850 which includes 1500 flyers but we need people to partner with us. Currently we are appealing for funding partners.

Remember that donations to CHP Hamilton Mountain are considered political donations and as such up to 75% of your donation (provided you pay taxes) is refundable on next year’s tax return. So a $100 donation can cost you as little as $25 or a $50 donation could cost you only $12.50.

Please, at this time consider partnering with us financially by sending a cheque made out to ‘CHP Hamilton Mountain’ and on the memo line add ‘Free Speech Matters’.

Please mail your cheque to:

CHP Hamilton Mountain 
P.O. Box 30028
1599 Upper James Street
Hamilton Ontario
L9B 0E4

We need to sign the contracts for the Bus Shelter Ads by mid-February and so we ask you to please consider responding very soon.

Thank you so much

Jim Enos 
CHP Canada, Hamilton Mountain
The Christian Heritage Party of Canada

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