Sunday, January 6, 2019

Freedom of information is neither free, timely, or accurate

As I've written before, I am appealing the information I received on the abortion bubble zone:
"I am now appealing to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario because of all the information that I didn't receive.
In fact, what I did receive was pretty sloppy stuff. No index was included in my package. When an index finally arrived (after I told the information commissioner I hadn't received it when she asked), it referenced document numbers, but my information only had page numbers and no document numbers. So clearly it was impossible to match the index with the stack of papers I received.
One of my other complaints was the glaring omission of any police reports to support the need for a bubble zone in the first place. You know, like actual evidence for the need for a bubble zone? When I asked the information commissioner about this, I was told:
"with respect to the police reports, I had followed up earlier with the ministry [attorney general] and they advised there were no police reports.""
Lastly, I am appealing the cost to get this "free"dom of information (not free at all at $552.50)
that was very sloppy work.

And I have now received (in December) a new package that contains a pile of pages with document numbers to match the pile of pages. Finally.

And it only took 14 months. Such great service. So cheap. These bureaucrats are amazing.

How does one not get sarcastic when they are dealing with such incompetence?

So now I will peruse what I received, and continue with my appeal with the Privacy Commissioner. For as long as it takes me.

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  1. Where does abortion fit into 21st century knowledge of DNA and the mapped genome vis-a-vis what defines a human and where does abortion fit into Darwinism and evolution theory vis-a-vis mental health?. Surely no primate intentionally kills her own offspring if Charles Darwin has any say in it and surely no one ascribes to the medieval belief that life begins at birth in an age of the mapped human genome