Monday, December 17, 2018


Fr. Tony has every intention of taking his case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. He believes he is doing God's work in standing up against abortion. He's totally convinced of this.

He is very happy that there are people out there who support his case. He is very thankful to everyone who has made a donation and/or who is praying for him.

For someone who has been protesting abortion in a very public way, for thirty years now, this is the logical conclusion to what Fr. Tony's been doing all along. Making a public stand against abortion. To tell the government that abortion is wrong. To use free speech as the tool of choice.

The government continues to do its best in quashing freedom of speech rights. Fr. Tony is having none of it. He will protest until he physically can't protest anymore. Fr. Tony is not going away.

For more information on Fr. Tony's case, please see his lawyer's letters (NOTICE OF CONSTITUTIONAL QUESTION) to the Crown Prosecutor Ontario Court of Justice – Provincial Offences Court and the The Attorney General of Ontario on behalf of Fr. Tony.

I understand some people haven't seen these letters which explain Fr. Tony's case, which is why I am republishing them now.

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