Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Why people silently witness at the abortion site

In Michael Gaitley's book The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, in chapter four he talks about St. Faustina. St. Faustina was a simple Catholic nun who died at 33 in 1939 right before Hitler invaded Poland.

Her Diary is am amazing story of God's Mercy.

But it was a footnote regarding St. Faustina's prediction of World War II that surprised me. I had read St. Faustina's Diary but was unaware of this fact. It is a sworn statement from Blessed Michael Sopocko regarding St. Faustina's beatification. Fr. Sopocko was St. Faustina's spiritual director.
"[Sister Faustina] also foretold the destruction that would afflict the Fatherland (Poland), that there would come most sorrowful times. She saw her fellow citizens expelled to the East and the West.
She wrote in her Diary that Jesus himself said he was about to destroy one of the most beautiful cities of our country like Sodom on account of the crimes committed there.
Having read these things in her Diary, I asked her what this prophecy meant. She answered confirming the things she wrote, and, responding to a further question of mine: On account of what sins God would inflict these punishments, she replied, "especially on account of the slaughter of infants not yet born, as the most grievous crime of all." (emphasis added)"
When I read this, all I could think of was: Fr. Tony's silent witness near the abortion facilityWhat could possibly be more important than this? 

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