Thursday, May 19, 2016

Justin Trudeau - like father like son

Thomas Mulcair and I agree on something. Justin Trudeau is pathetic.  From David Aikin:
"0:33 – We are now 33 seconds into this drama and it is at this point the prime minister makes his move. His seat is on our left as we look at this view, on the right of the Speaker. Trudeau gets up from his seat and moves toward this group of NDP MPs. Ramsay would later say that, at about this point, Trudeau tells these MPs to “Get the f*** out of the way.” Again: The voting procedure has been delayed by, to be charitable, less than a minute when the PM decides to take this action. 
0:40 – Trudeau grabs Brown’s right elbow. As he turns Brown forward, he elbows NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau. The tape clearly shows her in some anguish after she is struck
0:48 – Liberal MPs stand to applaud their leaders’ action, which has moved Brown to the front of the chamber. Brown does not look pleased and his gestures here are not the normal gestures in this ceremony. 
1:06 – The camera angle returns to the back of the House where we can see this clump of NDP MPs still in place. You can see NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair talking to Brosseau. Brosseau exits the frame and, we are told, would exit the House. 
1:14 – Trudeau — who has by now apparently realized he struck Brosseau — rises in his seat and moves back towards the NDP MPs to seek out Brosseau to, one assumes, apologize to her. Trudeau also moves out of frame, seeking the now-departed Brosseau. 
1:22 – Trudeau comes back in the frame and you can clearly hear Mulcair telling Trudeau “You are pathetic!” several times." (emphasis added)
Trudeau Junior reminds me of  Trudeau Senior of fuddle duddle fame, only much worse. Not very attractive in a Prime Minister.

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