Thursday, February 5, 2015

CPSO - freedom of conscience rights are sacred

My letter in the National Post today

Why would the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario insist doctors be forced to refer for treatment that goes against their conscience? As MP Maurice Vellacott recently stated, there is “no other jurisdiction that currently allows euthanasia or assisted suicide imposes such an obligation.”
Requiring doctors to act against their conscience and/or be complicit in an act they find morally reprehensible is a surely not a road we wish them to travel. If I knew my doctor could so easily leave his conscience by the side of the road when treating me for “A,” then how could I ever trust him when treating me for “B”?

When doctors signed up to become doctors, they did so knowing their freedom of conscience rights were sacred. Creating a policy that tramples on these fundamental rights is wrong and dangerous.
Patricia Maloney, Ottawa.

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