Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hiding abortion spending makes bad Economics Policy

I received this in an email yesterday from Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak.

Below his email you can read my response.


I’m excited about the 2013 Policy Convention and I hope you are too. With a Masters in Economics, I tend to be the kind of guy who would go to conventions just for the pamphlets. As a politician I love the debates.

But this weekend’s convention is going to be something special.  It’s an opportunity for us to take our 14 Paths to Prosperity white papers and forge a platform. I want to commend our PC MPPs, the PACs and our PC team who worked hard to produce these papers full of bold conservative ideas to get our province back on track.

They’ve been a big success. In the past year since the launch of our white papers, we’ve had over 56,000 downloads. Across our province people are talking about our roadmaps to a stronger, prosperous Ontario – that spends within its means and is a leader in job creation.

As conservatives we believe in smaller government, respect for taxpayers and freedom of choice. We’ve put forward hundreds of ideas for a government that focuses on getting the big things right.  But we can't campaign on 200 pages of policy. So we need to hone that into a winning conservative platform to take to voters. One that shows them our optimistic conservative vision for a better Ontario.

I encourage you to sign up for the policy sessions and give our MPPs your view on what works and what doesn’t. We want to hear what you think. How do we reach voters in their hearts and minds with clear, concise, strong language that shows the PC Party is on their side?

For the past two years, PACs have been meeting to prepare for this weekend’s policy discussions and votes. This is your chance to have your vote on our policy resolutions using hand-held voting machines and create the launching pad to a winning election campaign.

Our campaign platform will be forged in those halls of the convention centre in London. This weekend we will make history, we will build the foundation for the next PC government. We will all look back on this weekend and say this was the beginning – this was the start of Ontario’s comeback.


Tim Hudak,
Leader, Ontario PC Party


Dear Mr. Hudak,

Since you have a Masters in Economics, surely you understand that the $30-$50 million we spend every year on abortions in Ontario isn't very good value for money. That's tens of thousands of killed potential contributors to the Ontario economy who never get to be born. And from here on in, we won't even know how much we are spending on these abortions because the Liberal government is hiding this information from us.

What kind of policy will your party implement to deal with this, or will you continue to remain silent on the whole debacle? You have been completely silent on the subject so far, so I must ask myself, do you even care?

White papers are wonderful, but they don't make up for your condoning of this trampling of our rights to access information, which allows us to keep our politicians accountable to the people in how they spend our hard earned tax dollars.

Your speaking out on this, would indeed make it an exciting weekend.


Patricia Maloney
Run with Life Blog


  1. Pat, if you get a response from him, I hope you will post it. It would be great to see what he says!

  2. Katy it would be great if he responded. However I have sent him emails before on this subject, I have sent emails to other MPPs on this subject. None of them ever reply. Pretty sad really.

    I called my own MPP as well and have an appointment with her in October on this. I suggest all Ontario residents also call their MPP and ask to meet them on this. They have a duty to respond to constituents and face to face is the best way to make our views known.