Monday, August 12, 2013

Abortion consent forms

Some time ago I contacted numerous abortion clinics/hospitals around the country. I asked them to provide me with copies of their abortion consent forms.

Five places responded to me with their consent forms.

Some would not provide their forms.

Some places never responded.

Here are the documents I did receive.

Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg
(I was told that “We use the same consent as we do for all surgeries and procedures in the region”.)

Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital BC
(I was told that they "use the standard consent form from BC Women's Service Clinic adapted for our site".)

Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region’s Women’s Health Centre
(I was told that "The consent used is the same consent used for Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures for both outpatient and ambulatory clinics in our region.  It is important to also note, that the Women’s Health Centre in Regina is a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF).  The Women’s Health Centre follows the Clinical Policy Guidelines set forth from this organization to ensure that women’s needs are appropriately address and that they are fully aware and informed of what procedure they are consenting to have."

The Ottawa Hospital
(I was told that the "Ottawa Hospital does not have treatment specific forms".)

The Women's Health Clinic in Winnipeg posts their consent form on their website. Here it is.


  1. I remember signing the consent form for my scheduled c-section a couple of years ago for the Ottawa Hospital.

    While the complications were *mentioned*, I wouldn't call it an in-depth discussion. In fairness, this was my fourth c-section and I suspect that my OB\GYN thought I "knew the drill".

    I think the attitude is that this is all very routine, and hardly anything ever goes wrong, so no point in making a mountain out of a molehill.

  2. The huge problem is that abortion doctors have a HUGE conflict of interest as this is how they rake in millions of dollars. Young vulnerable pregnant women are NOT informed about the many studies linking Breast Cancer, Cervical Damage and mental health issues in the aftermath of induced abortion. Women have a RIGHT TO KNOW...and they also need to know that they can sue the abortion doctors for not being informed about ALL of the RISKS.