Sunday, May 15, 2011

Breast cancer industry won't tell you about ABC

The Ottawa Citizen's Randall Denley tells us that:
"colorectal cancer killed an estimated 9,100 Canadians last year. It’s the second-deadliest cancer, after lung cancer. Breast cancer took 5,400 lives and has an 89-per-cent survival rate, and yet breast cancer received 36 times more money from donors than colorectal cancer."

Not only does the breast cancer industry get all that money from individual donors, but all manner of household products now endorse the breast cancer industry with their pink ribbon logo.

The breast cancer industry also refuses to inform women about the possible link between breast cancer and abortion (ABC). So I've decided to start boycotting these companies when I see the pink ribbon on their products.

Recently I sent an email to Kruger and to Country Harvest Bread because of the pink ribbon.

This is what I wrote to Country Harvest Bread:

I used to purchase your bread products frequently.

However recently I note that all of your bread products support the Breast Cancer Industry with the pink ribbon logo on your packaging. So I have decided to boycott your products because of this, and will encourage others to do the same.

You see, the Breast Cancer Industry refuses to acknowledge the possible link between abortion and breast cancer (ABC). Many studies have shown evidence for a link between abortion and Breast Cancer, evidence the Breast Cancer Industry continues to dismiss. For further information please see:'t%20Go%20Away.pdf

Should you decide to
a) stop supporting the Breast Cancer Industry,
b) acknowledge the possible ABC link,
I will again start purchasing your products.

Patricia Maloney

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