Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jadelle not purchased for Tanzania - instead purchased for Mali

Remember Jadelle? Well it's back.

I recently received more information from CIDA/DFATD about the $6 million funding to IPPF.

In my current ATIP, it looks like my writing about Jadelle before (see page 181 below) triggered some questions from DFATD to IPPF, about Jadelle.

"Could you please provide us with more information on the contraceptives that your Tanzanian member uses as part of the project we fund?
The response (in part) from IPPF was that:
1. IPPF has not purchased Jadelle and distributed it to Tanzania
2. UMATI has not purchased Jadelle with Canadian funds
3. Canadian funds have not been used to ensure service providers and insert and remove Jadelle [sic] (see page 178 below)
Interesting. But what is even more interesting is that on another page located withing the semi-annual report, I discovered that Jadelle was purchased and used in Mali.

In the IPPF semi-annual report (April-September 2013) it was revealed that IPPF purchased a quantity of 4,000 Jadelle implants for Mali. On the same report, sure enough there is no Jadelle listed for Tanzania. (I'll post those pages later.)

(Update April 25, 2014, More information on this drug here
"Adverse health conditions among American women subsequent to Norplant use American women have experienced serious adverse health conditions after having Norplant inserted, including, but not limited to, increased intracranial fluid pressure (pseudo tumor cerebri), chronic blurred vision, leading to permanent vision loss or blindness, and tumors in the brain and other organs.2,3 Other conditions experienced by American women include hyper menorrhea (heavy and sustained menstrual bleeding), serious acne, sustained nausea, debilitating headaches, weakness or paralysis in one or more limbs, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, weight gains of sometimes over 100 pounds, severe mood swings and irritability. Further, many have found that having Norplant removed was a much more difficult procedure than they had been originally advised.4")

Note: On my last CIDA/DFATD ATIP, I had questioned them to find out specifically what was being funded under the "Approved Activities" (1) for the five countries Afghanistan, Mali, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Sudan. I was told that "no records related to your request exist." This time I received some of the details of that request. I'll blog more about that later.

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