Monday, March 24, 2014

When youtube collides with reality

Regarding my last response to Kathleen Wynne's repeated attempts to brush me off, I called her office today and asked to speak with her. Someone there told me that a person needs to put their request to speak to the Premier in writing. What a hoot.

Of course I've already repeatedly asked her if she intends to stop hiding abortion information under her open government initiative. In any event I've now sent her a written request to speak with her.Your queenship.

I also called Deb Matthews office and asked to speak with her about my last letter to her. Someone did call me back and apparently a response has been written, and it should go out in the next week or so. I'm honoured.

If you want a chuckle, have a look at Kathleen's "open government" video posted online:

"We're introducing an open government initiative to help create the transparent government you deserve. A government that works for you and with do this we are introducing three initiatives, open data, open information and open dialogue. Open data is the foundation of open government....we want to unlock the make it easy for outside parties to access".
And this:
"open information...this addresses government processes and making them more transparent...we want to give you a clear picture...of what things cost...."
"everything builds up to open dialogue...we want you to be able to communicate with us and tell us how you think we're doing and how things can be improved".
Kathleen really did post this video. I. Am. No. Kidding.

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