Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Information Commissioner orders 287 pages released from FOI on abortion Bubble Zone Law

As I told you back in 2018, I appealed the Attorney General's hiding of their alleged "evidence" for the need of an abortion bubble zone. Because there was nothing in the FOI I received that showed a need for the bubble zone:

"One of my other complaints was the glaring omission of any police reports to support the need for a bubble zone in the first place. You know, like actual evidence for the need for a bubble zone?  When I asked the information commissioner about this, I was told:

"with respect to the police reports, I had followed up earlier with the ministry [attorney general] and they advised there were no police reports."

So the abortion bubble zone was enacted purely on the basis of Joyce Arthur's say so, and not on any actual concrete police reports. Political? You bethca. Of course I had already learned that there were no police reports for Ottawa, through an FOI of the Ottawa Police. So not only were there no police reports for Ottawa, but now I learn that there were no police reports for the entire province of Ontario."

Recently I heard back from the Information Commissioner. They agreed with me that a large part of the information that was withheld from me, should not have been withheld:

"The adjudicator also upholds the ministry’s decision to withhold some information under the personal privacy exemption at section 21, but finds that portions of the withheld information are not “personal information” once identifiers are removed, and orders disclosure of that information."

Here are the 287 pages that the Attorney General wouldn't let me see because they said I might be able to figure out who wrote the emails. (The bolded statement above is exactly what I argued and the Information Commissioner agreed with me.)

What these 287 pages actually reveal, is that there were three times as much support against the bubble zone, as there was support for the bubble zone. (55 letters for, vs 154 against).

You can view those letters yourself.

Some interesting comments from these letters:

"If such a law is passed, then pro-abortions should not be able to organize rallies either."

"Our Charter protects our right to show the truth. Freedom of expression is fundamental to democracy. I hope you will publish my point of view as you have published that of the pro-aborts."

"We just keep getting more and more restrictions on the freedom to have a different point of view in our nation."

"Just because you don't have the same views doesn't give you the right to take away someone else's right to express their opinion in a peaceful way."

"Please rethink your opinion regarding above. Unborn cannot protest but are still human."

"I am not associated with either pro-life or pro-choice advocates...I urge you not to pass laws prohibiting abortion protests. Laws exist to deal with criminal forms of harassment, and these should be applied as warranted. The singular fact that a protest offends some people is completely unacceptable as a justification for banning the proponent's freedom of speech. We do not need liberties diminished issue by issue and one by one until we find ourselves unable to protest, express an opinion or offend someone."

Conclusion? We still have no evidence that the abortion bubble zone was needed. 

A small sample of the letters that I was refused access to on my original FOI.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Update on donations for Fr. Tony's constitutional challenge

1) Cheques may be made payable to Philip Horgan in Trust, and sent to:

Philip H. Horgan Law Office
301 - 120 Carlton Street
Toronto  ON  M5A 4K2

2) Online donations can be made here:

Saturday, January 2, 2021

You can have an abortion but you can't go to church

Re: Houses of worship have a role to play in fighting COVID, Jamil Jivani, Dec. 22

Jamil Jivani says “If governments want to better engage front-line workers and families, they ought to partner with churches to help with communications and messaging concerning the pandemic, as well as the planning and execution of a vaccination strategy.”

I can’t imagine anything worse than my church becoming a mouthpiece for government policy on anything, and especially not on COVID. I can just imagine the government trying to convince our pastors to convince parishioners that they really do need to close the churches (wink wink). Last time our churches obediently acquiesced to the government and closed down. Now for the second time (in Ottawa) where COVID numbers are very low, we are shut down again. And just like before, we can still bump into people at Walmart and Costco, [and have an abortion -- notice that this clause was omitted from the NP publication of my letter] but not go to church. Safety protocols in churches are far more stringent than these stores. So why can’t we go to Mass?

Churches are essential for people of faith. Worship of God and receiving the Sacraments is as important to us as food is for the body.

Patricia Maloney, Ottawa

Monday, December 28, 2020

Covid-19 information on which vaccines use aborted fetuses

Some of the Covid-19 vaccines use aborted fetuses, and some use aborted fetuses in testing of the vaccine.
Information I have found so far:

Here is a couple of cut and pastes from Children of God for Life who have extensive information on the vaccines. 

These points are in the comment section of the article and are good short informative quotes on the vaccines currently available in Canada: Pfizer and Moderna.
"Pfizer/BioNTech was morally produced and contains no aborted fetal material. They did testing of the product on the HEK-293 cells but they are not part of the product, unlike the others listed in the red column on our website."
"There are no aborted fetal cells used in the production of the Pfizer vaccine; they tested the completed product. This is completely unlike Moderna’s vaccine that used aborted fetal cells IN the spike protein production which is part of their vaccine and they have done extensive research, development and testing using aborted fetal cells as well."
"The information on both Pfizer and Moderna is on our website here: The proof is linked to the science documents showing the data. The two vaccines do use the same technology – but one chose to do it morally (Pfizer) using adult donor cells and the other (Moderna) chose aborted fetal in the construct of their vaccine. However, they both tested their vaccines on aborted fetal cells."
"In the case of Pfizer, the HEK-293 cells were used only in the final testing, whereas Moderna used them in the research, development, testing and production of their spike protein. Pfizer on the other hand, created their protein using K562 cells from an adult female donor. The cells in both vaccines are NOT IN the final product. Both of the vaccines use mRNA technology which has never been used in any vaccines before."
"Both Pfizer and Moderna are using the mRNA technology. Pfizer did it morally (other than final testing) and Moderna did it immorally in their research, development, production and testing."

UPDATE Dec 30. 2020 more information and opposing viewpoints

Here is another viewpoint on the current vaccines available (Pfizer and Moderna). The article is long but worth the read.


Bishops Strickland and Schneider are both against the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

A Pastor on the Vaccines Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2020

In the end, each person must make their own decision to take, or not to take, the current vaccines available. I am hoping that before my turn comes to get it that I have a third option that did not use aborted cell lines in either the vaccine, or in its testing. 

UPDATE: Jan 9, 2021

Matt Fradd and Jimmy Aikin

Friday, December 18, 2020

The evil of abortion takes on newly exposed depravities

When it came to light that Planned Parenthood was selling aborted children for profit, there wasn't really a lot of discussion as to how the aborted body parts were used. Now we know -- and from the researchers themselves.

Planned Parenthood even called the videos from the Center for Medical Progress fake (and are now being sued for this libel). Another lie exposed.

This article documents three papers that document how the aborted children are being used. This is evil at its greatest.

There was a need for intact heads and body parts to be used, so that multiple body parts can be harvested and used in the same experiment. 

If this is not diabolical, nothing is.

Human hair growing amidst the rodent fur where it was grafted