Thursday, April 19, 2018

Outaouais pays for dangerous abortion pill

Abortion pill in the Outaouais

So the abortion pill is now accessible in the Outaouais region and paid for by taxpayers. Women who have already experienced the nausea and cramps linked to emergency contraception (“morning after pill”), well, take this horrible experience and multiply it by ten. That’s what chemical abortion is, only it can last for hours and even days. The body we see in the toilet, all charred and dismembered (or elsewhere, because there is no control over where and when the process culminates), it leaves a mark for quite some time. The violent contractions required to expulse the baby often bring on hemorrhage and other serious damage to the female apparatus. How sad that women’s bodies be treated as “crushers”. Not too great for self-esteem. To top it all off, there must be a follow-up check-up to ensure that all body parts and organs have been expulsed, and surgical curettage can be required to avoid general septicemia (poisoning).

Isabelle and Ward O'Connor, Vivere Canada
Montcerf-Lytton, Quebec, Canada

Thursday, April 5, 2018

2016/2017 - 152 livebirth abortions in Canada in one year

In 2016/2017 there were 901 late-term abortions in Canada resulting in a stillbirth.

There were 152 late-term abortions in Canada resulting in a livebirth.

All of these 1,053 were late-term abortions (20 weeks or greater gestation).

These numbers do not include late-term abortions from Quebec, so this number could be and probably is higher.

Definitions from CIHI:

Stillbirths from Termination of Pregnancy:
"P96.4 Termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus or newborn"
Newborns from Termination of Pregnancy:
"P96.4 Termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus and newborn"
Stillborn Abstracting:
"A stillborn is any intrauterine fetal demise or termination of pregnancy occurring at or after 20 completed weeks of gestation in which the fetus shows no signs of life. A liveborn resulting from a medical abortion prior to 20 weeks is considered pre-viable for the purposes of classification and an abstract is not created."
You can read the full report from CIHI here.

Last time I blogged about livebirth abortions was for 2013/2014.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Does Justin Trudeau get his marching orders from Joyce Arthur?

Just one more excellent article on Justin Trudeau and Liberal Labour Minister Patty Hajdu ridiculous attestation clause for the summer jobs program.

There have been so much written on the subject it's hard to keep track. In fact the only people in Canada who support the attestation (besides all liberal MPs minus two) are the radical fringe pro-abortion advocates.

All the media, all religious organizations, and most likely 99% of Canadians are against the attestation.
""Whatever we do, it will be still with the policy goal of ensuring that we don't in any way support organizations that are in any way working to undermine Canadians' rights," the minister told HuffPost. 
Translated, it means the government will continue insisting applicants tick the box to attest that they don't oppose Canada's unrestricted access to abortion. The minister apparently can't get the point that opposing abortion undermines nothing that has anything to do with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. On the contrary, the freedom of citizens to peacefully oppose abortion, or anything else, is the very base on which all rights — indeed, the charter of rights itself — are founded."
Imagine basing eligibility on government funding on whether or not you support unrestricted right to abortion, a right that doesn't even exist? A pseudo right.

This article says it best I think. Fr. De Souza discusses terms like, "dictatorship of relativism",
"ideological dictator" and "how a “liberal doctrine of diversity” can become a dictatorship."
"Whether it is called a “dictatorship of relativism” or “ideological colonization” or “thinly disguised totalitarianism,” it is easily recognized as spreading in Canada today. Fr. Rosica did a service by calling it out by name."
All these descriptions aptly describe our current government in Canada, headed up by a man who cares not a whit for Canadians' freedom of conscience rights, freedom of speech rights and freedom of religion rights. Who is advising Justin Trudeau anyway? Because their advice is not doing him any favours.

Assisted death involves a doctor along with the patient

Shanaaz Gokool, CEO of Dying With Dignity Canada, and Richard W. Ivey, chair of Dying With Dignity Canada’s Patrons Council agree with medical assisted death, or more correctly called, euthanasia.

They wrote a letter to the National Post saying this, in reply to Barbara Kay's article where Kay discusses the need for palliative care.

I responded to Gokool and Ivey's letter with my own letter published today in the National Post.

National Post 4 Apr 2018 Patricia Maloney, Ottawa
Re: Choosing how we die. Letter to the editor, March 31 
I am strongly opposed to medical assistance in dying, but that’s not the point I want to make. 
When discussing medical assistance in dying, Shanaaz Gokool and Richard W. Ivey are being disingenuous. They state: “We don’t get to decide for others; they don’t get to decide for us.” 
Technically I agree with that statement as it stands. Clearly, if someone wishes to commit suicide, they decide this for themselves and I can’t decide for them. 
What I have a problem with is that by definition, assisted suicide is much more. It involves a doctor. A doctor who is against medical assistance in dying must still refer that patient. 
So the “decide” above is actually deciding for someone else: the doctor. And this I cannot agree with.
Patricia Maloney 

Monday, March 19, 2018

One group responds to the false allegations about the Summer Jobs Program

March 17, 2018

Attention: Ms. Pat Maloney, Ottawa

Thank you for drawing to our attention questions posted online by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) concerning our charity and Canada Summer Jobs grants (CSJ).
Let me answer each and every question from ARCC pertaining to our charity.
  1. What does our organization do?
We are a faith-based charity providing help and resources for women experiencing unintended pregnancies, post abortion grief, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Over 27 years, we have helped 17,000 women. Our services are offered free of charge – a gift from the Lower Mainland wider church community.

Our primary outreaches:
  1. Burnaby Safe House – residence for abused women
  2. Crisis Pregnancy Centre – Vancouver and Burnaby
  3. Post Abortion Community Services – 1:1, groups, retreats
  4. Rape Victims Support Network – multi-agency consortium
  1. Did our charity not report Canada Summer Jobs grants as income to CRA?
Please know we comply with all regulatory and filing requirements. We have a robust protocol regarding finances. Our on-site staff administrator is so designated. In addition, we contract ‘outside’ with a professional bookkeeper. And furthermore, at fiscal year-end we contract our financial statements and filings via a professional accounting firm.

I know that our administrator and bookkeeper do inform the accounting firm of any CSJ grants, as I am cc’d in this regard. Perhaps the accounting firm has made a line error? Please know I will investigate this matter asap with the accounting firm. And if they have in fact made a filing error, we will have this detail rectified.
  1. Is the CSJ program being abused?
No. And there’s some irony here. First, we do not need an annual CSJ grant. Second, we do not need a summer student. Like many charities, we love to support this program which helps out university students. As you would know, charities do not ‘get’ the funds per se, but are a conduit for the student – they receive the funds. In fact, CSJ grants are only minimum wage, so our particular charity tops up the student’s wage.
  1. What activities are these funds actually supporting?
I will give three example activities. (With non-identifying details for confidentiality.)

During the CSJ grant time-frame in question by ARCC, our activities included:
(1) Rescuing a woman, here from Southeast Asia, to escape from human trafficking.
(2) Housed for a one year period, a teenage refugee from the Central Africa, gang raped by a militia. Also heartbreaking, her family was slaughtered.
(3) Rescued a pregnant woman planning suicide, as her husband was coercing her to go to an abortion clinic. During her previous pregnancy, he ruthlessly beat her to purposely cause a successful miscarriage.

In this same time-frame raised by ARCC, we helped hundreds of other women: shelter from domestic abuse, pregnancy support services, after abortion care, and sexual assault counselling. Further, we provided aid for low income pregnant women, families, and refugees.   
  1. What is the work experience benefit of these activities?
Work experience pertains to the provision of love/care/services/resources for women in crisis. Our summer students (as well as past practicum students) are usually pursuing degrees in social work, human services, counselling, and nursing.

Patricia, in addition to these five major ARCC questions, you also bring to our attention that this political group asks two additional questions about our CAS charity. We will answer those as well.
  1. Was the $29.7 K [total of grants from 2011 to 2016] used to undermine sex ed?
No. Our Sexual Integrity material is evidence-based, and complies with sex education learning outcomes of the BC Health and Career Education curriculum. In our presentations, special emphasis is placed on helping teenagers see the value of developing meaningful, healthy relationships. 

We do not differentiate between heterosexual and same-sex relationships.

Topics: media influences, STIs, consensual sex, pornography, date rape, peer pressure, and more.

By invitation, we also provide trainings/presentations outside of Canada – affirming the worth and value of women, for children with imperfections, on healthy relationships, and consensual sex. Our most recent trainings were in Bhutan, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Korea, and Zambia.
  1. ARCC implies online that we may oppose “trans rights” and the LGBTQ community.
Our charity is not political, we are pastoral. Unlike ARCC, we are non-discriminatory. ARCC as you know is quite vocal, mean-spirted, and judgemental towards people of faith, and towards people not necessarily espousing their ideology.

In contrast to what ARCC is surmising, the clients we are entrusted to serve come from all lifestyles, gender identities, and sexual orientation. Coincidentally, two of our most recent sexually abused clients are transgender people.

The following value statement is from our Commitment of Care and Competence:

Clients are served without regard to race, colour, religion, creed, national origin, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, lifestyle or other arbitrary circumstances.

Patricia, once again, thank you for bringing to our attention the questions/allegations made against our charity by ARCC. This group has the right to oppose (but sadly so) faith-based charities being permitted to hire/help summer students via the CSJ program. But certainly not the right to mischaracterize.

Let me conclude by informing you, that we have repeatedly asked ARCC to contact us if they ever have questions about the work of our charity. But alas, ARCC never does. And we don’t know why.


Brian Norton | Executive Director

Christian Advocacy Society of Greater Vancouver
7879 Edmonds Street Burnaby BC V3N 1B9
T 604 525-0999 | F 604 525-2634