Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pro-abortion group mean-spirited and judgmental towards people of faith

Joyce Arthur and friends have been on quite the rampage against pro-life groups and Christian groups who receive money from the Summer Jobs program. 

Arthur's campaign comes along with some cartoonish graphic pictures. But what isn't funny, is the deceptions and misinformation perpetrated by Arthur's campaign. (See here for Arthur's previous false allegations against crisis pregnancy centres.)

Arthur has even taken it upon herself to report 44 of these SJP recipients to CRA. I'm pretty sure if CRA found any evidence of wrongdoing, they would deal with them--as they should. But I wonder what CRA might do if they decided these accusations were false, vexatious and maybe worse? And this isn't the first time Arthur has contacted CRA. In 2016 she reported several crisis pregnancy centres to CRA.

ICYMI ("in case you missed it"--I had to look this up). Is Arthur for real? She's been tweeting this nonsense for over a month now, non-stop. How could anybody miss her unabated attacks on these charities? (Except those charities like the Christian Advocacy Society of Greater Vancouver who are too busy doing the good work they do and don't have time to be worrying about Arthur's unfounded allegations.)

Anyway, I was wondering if these organizations were even aware of Arthur's campaign. So I contacted a few of them, and they were not aware.

You can read here the response I received from one group: the Christian Advocacy Society of Greater Vancouver.

In this letter, Brian Norton, Executive Director, responds to all of Arthur's questions/allegations. In particular he addresses her allegation that these groups discriminate against trans people:
"ARCC implies online that we may oppose “trans rights” and the LGBTQ community. 
Our charity is not political, we are pastoral. Unlike ARCC, we are non-discriminatory. 
ARCC as you know is quite vocal, mean-spirited, and judgmental towards people of faith, and towards people not necessarily espousing their ideology. 
In contrast to what ARCC is surmising, the clients we are entrusted to serve come from all lifestyles, gender identities, and sexual orientation. Coincidentally, two of our most recent sexually abused clients are transgender people. (Emphasis added)
The following value statement is from our Commitment of Care and Competence: 
“Clients are served without regard to race, colour, religion, creed, national origin, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, lifestyle or other arbitrary circumstances.”
For some reason Christian Advocacy Society of Greater Vancouver is particularly disliked by Arthur. I wonder why. Could it be because Arthur is jealous of the good work they do--they build up while she tears down?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let's tell the PC candidates when they call us that life issues matter to us

By Theresa Winchester, after she received a call from Caroline Mulroney's campaign and before that, an email from her campaign people.

(Note: people please challenge the PC candidates callers when they call you. We need to get the word out that prolifers are a force and life issues are most important with them. Be reasonable, be factual, be calm but be sure that the political leaders know that prolifers are paying attention and demanding attention.)

That's all very nice, Caroline, but....

I will vote based on the candidate's position on abortion.  You don't make my #1 or my #2 on that account.  In fact, you might be a solid #4.  

I'm not a raging right wing crazy.  I'm a retired career military officer, officer in the Order of Military Merit, in favour of equality for women in all matters.  But equality does not mean having unlimited right to kill a pre-born human for any or no reason, or perhaps because it's a she and not a he -- commonly known as gendercide.  Does that bear repeating?  The child in the womb is a human.  An individual.  No person has rights at the expense of the rights of another individual.  Just so's ya know, the Canadian Human Rights Act says "all individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have".  And then there's Appendix 5 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which Article 3 guarantees a right to life and to security; Canada must be on board with that, eh, being a civilized country as we are.  

Hmmmm.  Sounds pretty clear to me.  Yeh yeh, in Canada we get around that by saying that the pre-born are not humans and that women have a right to an abortion.  So what are they, chickens?  alligators?   And it's rather odd that no one can find that right in the Supreme Court decision on access to abortion or in any other pertinent document.  Hence, an intelligent person like myself, and presumably like yourself, would not say that there is a right when there isn't, n'est-ce pas?  Yeh, we know, Trudeau says it all the time.  But repetition does not create anything that isn't already there, at least not in my world.  We kill off a significant number of Ontario taxpayers in the womb these days and that's important to me.  More important than taxes.  More important than the carbon tax.  More important than....  well, you get the picture.   So what do you plan to do about that?  

Just so's ya know.  

And BTW, your caller hung up on me this morning when I injected this into the conversation.  Maybe to you and your team, anyone who mentions abortion IS a raging right wing crazy?   Golly gee, that's good to know. 

​ Winchester

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Abortion bubble zone question for PC leadership candidates

Yesterday I sent this email to each leadership candidate. Except Caroline Mulroney. Why? Because there doesn't seem to be an email address for her identified anywhere. And when I sent her an email to the one she sends me email from, the address isn't valid and I get a bounce back. Hmmm... Does this mean Caroline doesn't want to hear from us?

Dear PC Candidate,

I would like to know if you would repeal the abortion bubble zone law should you become the Premier of Ontario.

As you know freedom of expression, religion and conscience rights have been killed with this law. At a recent protest pro-life people had on Sparks St. in Ottawa, the discrimination against us was very clear. We were forced to be outside the bubble zone, while pro-choice protesters were allowed to protest inside the bubble zone. Both protests carried signs. But because we are pro-life we are marginalized and demonized. None of our signs even used the word abortion.

A freedom of Information request I made to the city of Ottawa revealed that There haven't even been any charges or arrests of protesters at the Ottawa abortion site in three and a half years.

Clearly there is no need for this law, other than to satisfy extremist pro-choice people like Joyce Arthur who have called for it. Look her up if you are not aware of her tactics.

So why is the current Liberal government harassing pro-life people with this law? Harass is a strong word, but that is what is happening here. We have done nothing wrong but the government penalizes us by stomping on our freedom of expression, rights, freedom of conscience rights and freedom of religion rights.

We are taxpayers just like the rest of Ontarians, but we are not treated with the same respect as other Ontarians. If I was pro-choice and stood with the same sign at the same place, with the same sign, I would not be charged. I'm sure you see the blatant discrimination and irony we are experiencing with this law. 

I would like to hear your thoughts on this law.

Thank you.

Patricia Maloney

Monday, February 19, 2018

Five candidates one choice - Tanya Granic Allen

I asked Doug Ford, Christine Elliott and Caroline Mulroney a couple of simple questions about how they would treat social conservatives if they won the PC leadership. None of them bothered to answer me. Which is what I expected. Not that I'm cynical or anything.

I don't need to ask Patrick Brown the same questions because of course I wouldn't vote for him even if he was the only candidate running. And I hazard to guess neither will any other social conservative.

I don't need to ask Tanya Granic Allen the same questions. I know her answer.

It's an easy choice.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The cluster mess that is our federal government - part 2

I just received the same form letter response from Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, as did Theresa Winchester. Here is my reply to her and her feminist boss Justin Trudeau.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Patricia Maloney 
Date: Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 4:57 PM
Subject: Re: Canada Summer Jobs
Cc: Patricia Maloney ,, Prime Minister/Premier ministre

Dear Patty,

You say:
"the organization's core mandate respect individual human rights and labour laws and do not support discriminatory practices. These changes will help ensure that a young person in a job funded by the Government will work in an environment that respects the rights of all Canadians."
You are clearly of the opinion that as pro-life / Christian people, we "support discriminatory practices". Further you are also apparently of the opinion that we do not "respect the rights of all Canadians".

Do you have any idea how insulting that is to us? 

Not only are your opinions patently false but the irony here is that you and your government--and your leader Justin Trudeau and I guess all Liberals for that matter since all Liberals are forced to tow the party line--discriminate against us and refuse to respect our Charter rights. In fact why is it that your government has the gall to use our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a justification for this deplorable behaviour you engage in?

We respect the rights of all Canadians, before and after birth, whereas your government can only find it in their hardened hearts to support those people who have the good fortune to make it out of the womb in one piece and not ripped apart in a bloody mess of death. 

What a terrible legacy your government will have once it finally leaves office: the most anti Charter rights government Canada has ever had and the most pro-abortion. This is embarrassing to all Canadians, to me, and to the world.


Patricia Maloney

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 2:46 PM, <> wrote:
Dear Ms. Maloney:

On behalf of the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, this email is in response to your correspondence regarding the recent change to the eligibility requirements for the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program.

The intent of the CSJ program has always been to provide young people with high quality, paid summer work opportunities, where they can gain valuable experience and earn money to help pay for school.

As you are aware, the 2018 application asks organizations to confirm that both the job and the organization's core mandate respect individual human rights and labour laws and do not support discriminatory practices.

These changes will help ensure that a young person in a job funded by the Government will work in an environment that respects the rights of all Canadians.

To address questions from Canadians on eligibility, Employment and Social Development Canada published supplementary information on the CSJ web page at You are encouraged to consult this information, which includes examples of core mandates and proposed jobs.

As outlined in the supplementary information, an organization’s core mandate is the primary activities undertaken by the organization that reflect its ongoing services provided to the community. It is not the beliefs, nor the values of the organization. To respect individual human rights means that an organization’s primary activities and the job responsibilities do not seek to remove or actively undermine existing rights.

Thank you for writing to share your views on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Canada Summer Jobs
An initiative of the Summer Work Experience Program
Employment and Social Development Canada
Toll-free: 1-800-935-5555