Monday, May 20, 2019

How we can support pro-life MPs until GAP is gone

Joyce Arthur and company want people to write to the MPs who bravely attended the March for Life.

I took their advice and wrote my own letter. ARCC even compiled the email addresses for me to use. Bonus. You can do the same.

And don't forget to cc these MPs:

Dear MPs who attended this year's March for Life in Ottawa,

Unlike our good friends over at the Abortion Rights Coalition who think you are evil scum of the earth, I am very proud that you chose to stand up for life at this year's annual March for life. I know this can be a very unpopular position to take.

I know it's not always common to do the right thing. But so what? Do it anyway, is my motto.

Contrary to the pro-abortions, I was delighted by your participation in this year's March for Life pro-life rally.

As you know, abortion has fatal consequences for the pre-born child in any and all circumstances. So much so, that death by abortion is 100% guaranteed to kill the pre-born child.

I am for the protection of those who are in the womb. And I would hope that my elected officials would hold these same basic principles, even though many do not. But you do. Awesome.

Contrary to what the Honourable Maryam Monsef (Minister for Women and Gender Equality) put it in her open letter to you; fundamental human rights should be guaranteed for all human beings and since the pre-born child is a human being, they have the same human rights as you and I do.

It's simple logic really, and it shouldn't be too hard to understand--even though Ms. Monsef is apparently ignorant of this important fundamental truth. Too bad for her.

I, as a Canadian woman, am asking you and your party leader to re-affirm Canadians right to protect human rights for all Canadians, including those still in the womb and unable to protect themselves.

Hopefully this Liberal government will soon be a distant memory come October and we can forget that the Governing Abortion Party (GAP) who will be but a distant nightmare that will finally end.

Fingers crossed.

I sincerely hope to hear back from you regarding this matter.

Patricia Maloney

I love this one. My body my choice. Not your body. Not your choice. Imagine making swag with a lie on it?

Sunday, May 12, 2019

March for Life 2019 - the numbers

As usual, the main stream media didn't bother to report on the March for Life this year. 

I did find Chief Political Correspondent for Global News David Akin's tweet about the March. Akin "reported" that 2,000-2,500 people attended the March.

I counted closer to 17,340 people at the March. (My similar count for the March of 2015 here.)

I videotaped the entire March as it progressed down Metcalfe Street.

Did Akin bother to do what a reporter should do when reporting on something, as in checking it out for himself? No. He thought taking a screenshot of a camera he wasn't holding, was an easier way to report to the entire country, how many people attended the March.

In my video clip you can see the entire march. It took longer than 22 minutes for the marchers to walk past me.

The march progressed down Metcalfe St, turned on Laurier (where I was standing), then turned up O'Connor, and back up to Parliament Hill. 

Metcalfe is three lanes wide. The density of people you see in the video remained fairly constant until the end. I would guess at least 1 person per square metre. A one lane road in Ottawa is 3.5 metres wide. That's 10.5 metres wide. It is 450 metres from Wellington to Laurier where I stood. It takes six minutes to walk this distance.

The area was therefore 450 X 10.5 or 4,725 square metres. That's 4,725 people in one screen shot from my video. This means the crowd changed 3.67 times (22 / 6) because every six minutes, different people filled the screen.

That's a total of 17,340 people. Is it a perfect calculation? Probably not. But it's a lot better than the calculation made by a lazy liberal journalist who took a screenshot of Parliament Hill at 1:00. Maybe if he had bothered to get out of his chair and actually go to the March he could have seen the crowds for himself. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Abby Johnson's message to the Liberal media, the Liberal Parliament, to pro-life people and to the Church

Abby Johnson at today's March for Life in Ottawa.

"I want to say something to the media who filmed the counter-protesters.

It is cowardly to support death. It is courageous to support life.

Canadians are too polite. We have to stop being too polite. We have to stop listening to the Liberal media. It is time to stop listening to your Liberal parliament.

It is time to stop cowering in our Christian churches. We need a radical spiritual conversion in Canada. And that is going to start in the church.

My question to the clergy who are here today. What are you afraid of?

We are waiting to hear your voices from the pulpit. We are waiting for you to lead on this issue
St John Paul II said "be not afraid". No matter the repercussions.

Abortion is not going to end in the parliament. Abortion is going to end because each one of you raised your voices.

No More death. No more evil. Not on our watch.

We stand on guard for thee.

It is time to stand up. It is time to break free of the fear that binds us. To heck with the repercussions.

It is time to use our voices and act. And don't tell me I'm going to pray for the end to abortion. You better pray and you better do something with that prayer.

We have to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We have to be his mouthpiece. Everywhere we go.

Canadians this is not your pro-life activity for the year. This is just one small thing you can do. Being pro-life is living out your convictions every single day. In your schools. In your workplaces. In your family. Everywhere you go. Without fear. Be not afraid.

Unplanned is coming to Canada

It's time for the nation. It's time for the world to see what I saw.

It's time for the nation to know because of the radical mercy of Jesus Christ that we are forgiven.

Those of us who have participated in abortions don't have to be ashamed. There's no condemnation in Christ.

We don't have to live a lifetime of regret. There is freedom in the name of Jesus. And Canada is about to see that redemption in the film Unplanned.

And as you walk away from this March please pray for those who are misguided who are standing there on that corner. Because conversion is possible for even them. Conversion is possible for everyone who has breath in their lungs. And that is how we will make abortion unthinkable in Canada.

We will do it with conversion. And we will do it with boldness. Thank you."

More pictures and videos on Maureen's blog.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pro-aborts have the money - pro-lifers have the truth

I am totally invigorated. This is pro-life week in Ottawa. That's with or without Jim Watson's proclamation, which I'm pretty sure we won't be getting this year. Tomorrow is the annual March for Life.

Last night I was blessed to attend the second showing of the movie Unplanned. It was even better the second time around. Watching it again, I really understand why the pro-aborts don't want this film shown in Canada. It will change people's mind about abortion. The pro-abortions don't want that to happen. Abortion is big money. Planned Parenthood is backed by big money. Warren Buffett donates to Planned Parenthood. Bill Gates donates to Planned Parenthood. The Clinton Foundation donates to Planned Parenthood. You get the picture.

After the last showing I read the pro-aborts' tweets where they propagated their usual nonsense that the movie was full of lies. It isn't. I find that kind of funny actually. The pro-aborts just lie so much they don't even know anymore they are lying. I think they might actually believe their lies. Funny but sad.

A little bit of what Abby Johnson told us taken from my notes.
"The Truth offends. They [the pro-aborts] don't worry about offending us, so why should we worry about offending them? We need to speak the truth. Be honest. We must tell our personal stories. We should not be afraid. I don't live in fear. Maybe that's a grace. I am not interested in their [the pro-abort's] opinions of me. I don't walk in fear. Fear is so cumbersome. Fear is what drives people into the abortion clinic. And when you ask God for something watch out... 
When I went to the Episcopal Church it was very pro-choice. The pastor would send women to me. [The church] used their religious beliefs to promote abortion. They would pray at the opening of Planned Parenthood's buildings. When I turned [on Planned Parenthood] I was told I couldn't go to my church anymore. Or to any Episcopal Church in America. My new friends were all Catholic. [Abby then speaks about her conversion to the Catholic faith]. I am also being called to be an apologist for my faith. As long as you are on the side of the Lord you are on the side of truth."

(Abby's organization And Then There Were None)

And that's why I am so hopeful. I needed to be reminded by Abby that we have the truth on our side. The pro-abortions do not. That is why the pro-aborts simply do not stand a chance. We don't have the money big abortion has. But we have the truth.

From Archbishop Thomas Prendergast:

From Action Life:

Friday, April 26, 2019

Pro-abortion with an exclamation mark

I have grown weary of the main stream media of late. There is so much leftist ideology in the MSM that it has become overwhelming. But I have discovered an amazing antidote to this pervasive dogma that floods the airwaves. It is listening to podcasts from really smart, interesting, super informative conservative and or religious commentators.

I have now installed Podcast Addict on my Android phone. My podcasts are now easily managed and I can even download them to my phone so I can listen to them in my car when I have no wifi. And I don't have to turn on the radio. Even better.

Yesterday I listened to a podcast from my friend Johnathon Van Maren who is now recording his podcasts for LifeSiteNews. These podcasts are absolutely amazing. In this episode he interviews long time pro-life advocate Dr. Monica Miller.

Dr. Miller's story is good for many reasons. But it was when she spoke about retrieving the bodies of thousands of aborted fetuses from abortion clinics, that I could feel my chest tighten. Dumpster diving. She rescued them and meticulously took pictures of them and stored them until she could provide them with proper burials. Instead of throwing them out with the garbage.

When we listen to Dr. Miller's pro-life advocacy story, it should be impossible for us to not pick up the pro-life torch and become pro-life activists ourselves. How can we not?

Dr. Miller spoke about the following two videos that will break your heart.

The funeral service

Showing the aborted fetuses on TV

When the "pro-choice" people tell you they are "pro-abortion" please remember what that means. It means they are pro-killing of pre-born children. Remember these pictures. Remember the tragedy that Canada, her prime minister, and her MPs support and pay for. Remember these pictures when "pro-choice" people say the images we use are fake.

And remember the exclamation mark.