Friday, October 11, 2019

A word of advice for Catholics for the 2019 election

A word of advice from Fr. Mark Goring to Catholics.
"Dear Catholics don't be stupid. If you vote for a political leader who allows harm to be done to the most innocent person, you are complicit in the death of the innocent person. You have blood on your hands. You might spend all of eternity in Hell because you did not obey God's clear commandment--Thou shalt not kill."

Friday, September 20, 2019

Late-term stillbirth (902) and livebirth (150) abortions in 2018/2019

Live birth abortions continue to happen in Canada.

Here are the latest numbers of late term abortions in Canada from CIHI. There were 910 late-term (20 weeks and greater) stillbirths and 150 born alive abortions.

Previous years here.

20 of these born alive abortions were greater than 25 weeks gestation.
107 of these born alive abortions were between 21 – 24 weeks gestation.
23 of these born alive abortions were 20 weeks gestation.

Note: These are for hospital abortions only and do not include clinics or physician's offices. These numbers also do not include late-term abortions done in Quebec.

Friday, September 13, 2019

The scandal of raking in tax dollars (part 3)

A lot of public funding goes to progressive groups. Perhaps that is why there are so many of these organizations in the first place--they know they can, and do, receive billions in government grants.

We've already seen the $1,550,884,070 given to Canada Summer Jobs recipients and “reproductive choice” advocates. Today I look at the LGBT / pride parade lobby, the other side of this favoured coin.

Keep in mind that pro-life groups get nothing from these political handouts. Pro-life groups are self funded and totally dependent on their donors for their very existence. In fact, I wonder how many of these progressive groups would even exist if it weren't for all this government funding they receive?

You might also remember that in 2014 Ottawa's Capital Pride went bankrupt, leaving many suppliers very unhappy, and very unpaid. Fast forward to 2017 and we learn that Capital Pride is now getting money from grants each year from the federal government. And they aren't the only pride parades/festivals to receive funding. I counted 22 of them. Below are the top four recipients, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

CAPITAL PRIDE / FIERTÉ DANS LA CAPITALE (LA) Canada $35,300 2019-04-02
CAPITAL PRIDE / FIERTÉ DANS LA CAPITALE (LA) Canada $75,000 2019-02-08
CAPITAL PRIDE / FIERTÉ DANS LA CAPITALE (LA) Canada $22,000 2018-02-26
CAPITAL PRIDE / FIERTÉ DANS LA CAPITALE (LA) Canada $17,300 2017-02-22

Total for Capital Pride $157,194

Pride Toronto Canada $1,000,000 2019-01-28
Pride Toronto Canada $92,200 2019-04-01
Pride Toronto Canada $41,766 2018-04-30
PRIDE TORONTO Canada $250,000 2018-11-07
PRIDE TORONTO Canada $92,200 2017-11-03
PRIDE TORONTO Canada $125,700 2016-11-16

Total for Toronto Pride $1,601,866

FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Canada $5,000 2019-07-22
FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Canada $160,000 2019-04-01
FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Canada $80,700 2019-04-01
FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Canada $11,700 2019-04-01
Fierté Montréal Canada $2,471 2018-05-01
FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Canada $92,400 2018-04-01
FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Canada $20,000 2017-08-14
Fierté Montréal Canada $100,000 2017-07-25
FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Canada $93,300 2017-03-23
FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Canada $250,000 2016-10-07
FIERTÉ MONTRÉAL Canada $91,500 2016-04-08
Fierté Montréal|Fierté Montréal Canada $1,000,000 2019-05-27
Fierté Montréal|Fierté Montréal Canada $300,000 2018-07-27

Total for Montreal Pride $2,207,071

VANCOUVER PRIDE SOCIETY Canada $80,700 2019-07-14
VANCOUVER PRIDE SOCIETY Canada $1,000,000 2019-05-30
Vancouver Pride Society Canada $8,822 2019-04-23
Vancouver Pride Society Canada $6,902 2018-04-23
Vancouver Pride Society Canada $72,600 2018-02-26
Vancouver Pride Society Canada $63,900 2017-02-22
Vancouver Pride Society Canada $79,100 2016-04-29
Total for Vancouver Pride $1,312,024

Notice the trend to increase funding every year for pride parades / festivals. If Justin Trudeau wins the 2019 election I expect to see these government handouts double.

This funding also includes (in addition to my previous SJP funding here) $307,457 for the Canada Summer Jobs.

Canadian pride festivals: $6,165,266
Canadian LGBT organizations (other than pride/parades festivals): $8,374,519
Canadian LGBT research grants: $13,275,313
Foreign grants going to foreign LGBT organizations and research: $4,524,123

Add this to my previous total of $32,339,221 + $1,550,884,070 for a whopping grand total of $158,322,3291 or almost $1.6 billion to these Justin Trudeau favoured entities.

Note 1: I haven't taken into account the municipal and provincial funding for these groups. Those grant disclosures will be up next.

Note 2: No federal funds were given to Jesus festivals or to Pro-life festivals or Pro-life marches.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The scandal of raking in tax dollars (part 2)

“ . . .there’s no moral equivalence between anti-choice groups and pro-choice groups." Joyce Arthur August 2019
Further to my previous report on government funding to organizations who signed the Options letter, there is even more government funding going to these kinds of organizations that promote/support/fund abortion. Many of them are foreign companies, but also Canadian companies.

This post uncovers some of that funding to these organizations.

(Other funding to Canadian organizations will be disclosed in subsequent posts.)

Today I can tell you that Justin Trudeau's Liberals are funding at least 1,398,412,544 dollars to groups who promote/support/fund abortion. That is $1,007,110,155 as reported by Global affairs plus an additional $391,302,389 going to many of these same international organizations (for some reason not reported by Global Affairs), along with Canadian feminist organizations. All in the name of reproductive choice.

(Notice this caveat at the Global Affairs link: “All data is preliminary and will be updated regularly as more information becomes available through project implementation. Given operational sensitivities certain projects contributing SRHR are not included in this list.” Why not? What are they hiding from us?)

If you are a feminist organization, the Canadian government's pockets' are very deep.

A couple of interesting things in the data jumped out at me:
  • Abortion doctor Wendy Norman received $2,434,814
  • The Clintons received $19,950,000 for Sexual and Reproductive Health for Women and Adolescents in Northern Nigeria. (Abortion is generally illegal in Nigeria.)
  • Aga Khan Foundation Canada received $19,449,291 for Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health in Cabo Delgado. (Aga Khan of Justin Trudeau's first conflict of interest fame)
  • More Canada summer job funding
  • Over one million to Regroupement féministe du Nouveau-Brunswick inc (good work if you can get it)
Most of these Canadian dollars go to abortion in Africa and Central America, where for the most part, abortion is illegal. Over one billion dollars worth of reproductive choice.

Obianuju Ekeocha in her book Target Africa – Ideological neocolonialism in the twenty-first Century tells us that Africans do not want abortion. That Africans love big families. That Africans value all human life. That most Africans are against abortion. She should know, being born and raised in Kenya:

“A 2014 Ipsos study found that 87 percent of Kenyans oppose abortion on demand...The vast majority of Africans said that abortion was morally unacceptable: 92 percent of Ghanaians, 88 percent of Ugandans, 82 percent of Kenyans, 80 of Nigerians, and 77 of Tunisians said they considered abortion to be morally wrong.”

She tells us about the Maputo Protocol which was supposed to bring rights to African women. This is what Obianuju Ekeocha says about article 14 of the Protocol:

“It is obvious that article 14 was incorporated into the Maputo Protocol in order to open the door to legal abortion throughout the has become the most lobbied, campaigned, and promoted by Western-funded feminist organizations across Africa. Millions of dollars have been given to weaponize the forty words of the article that provide a license to kill Africa's unborn children.” [Are you listening mister feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?]

Obianuju Ekeocha also argues against accepting the billions of dollars in aid given to Africa. She says that aid is tied to

“control over many aspects of African life, including sexual behaviour and reproduction rates.”

She concludes with this:
“So why is it acceptable for wealthy Westerners to send along contraceptives with their humanitarian aid after a hurricane or another natural disaster? Trying to stop people in the developing world from having children should be considered appalling, especially since doing it is not a development strategy. It is an invasion strategy, and that is why Africa must walk away from aid.”
That's now a total of $1,550,884,070 ($152,471,526 from my last post + 1,398,412,544) Canadian taxpayer funding to organizations that promote/support/fund abortion. And counting...

In case you had any doubt that abortion is big business.