Monday, March 31, 2014

100 crosses = 1,000 abortions in Canada every year

March 31, 2014

Ottawa, ON -Last week a local group in Elgin County, ON set up a massive abortion memorial along Hwy. 3 just outside of Aylmer.

“Roadside memorials are commonplace alongside many thoroughfares in Canada. They serve as respectful reminders of people who once were alive, and are now gone,” said Mike Schouten, director of

“Similar to the many other abortion memorials that continue to be set up across the country, this memorial consists of hay bales and crosses. Each of the 100 crosses represents one thousand lives lost to abortion in Canada every year,” continued Schouten.

The hay bales and crosses are accompanied by signs from and ARPA Oxford. There are also pictures of a pre-born child and a Bible passage.

“We applaud ARPA Oxford for this initiative. As a nation we are more and more recognizing that abortion is an injustice against vulnerable members of the human family and something needs to be done about Canada's lack of protection for pre-born children at any stage of development,” concluded Schouten.

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