Friday, April 4, 2014

NDP MP Chris Charlton faces the children

The riding of NDP MP Chris Charlton is the latest target of CCBR's postcard campaign.
"CCBR targeted Charlton because of her opposing vote on Motion 312, which called for a committee to reevaluate Canada’s abortion laws."
"Charlton says she is concerned about the emotional effect these images could have on the families and children who may see them. Her office has heard from dozens of upset callers."
This kind of reaction always puzzles me. If abortion on demand, for any reason, or for no reason, at any time, is just another publicly funded "medically necessary procedure", as the pro-abortions would have us believe, why do they get upset over these postcards? The postcards are just showing the truth of what abortion is.

Could it because they know abortion is the killing of an innocent, voiceless, human being?

Charlton said:
“From my perspective people have the right to debate ideas with me... but I really believe I ought to be the target—not residents in my riding”
But the residents of Hamilton have a right to know where their MPs stand on abortion. This is an excellent way to accomplish this, Ms. Charlton.

For instance, for my own MP Mauril Belanger, people in Ottawa-Vanier also have a right to know that he is "pro-abortion-choice".

It's all good, when people are made well aware of where their MPs stand on the dismembering, decapitation and disembowelment of innocent human beings.

(CBC censored out the graphic part of the image below. Pretty much what I'd expect from the "pro-abortion-choice" CBC)

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