Sunday, April 27, 2014

Henry Morgentaler's legacy

For insight into Henry Morgentaler, listen to the CBC interview with Henry Morgentaler back in 2008.
"My inordinate need to be loved by women. I got the impression that my mother didn't love me because there was a younger baby that she devoted a lot of attention to. I personally believe that she neglected me and didn't love me. To be loved by women was emotionally to me very important. 
Being the center of attention validates you. It means I am important. That I do important things. I can be recognized for that."
Never a word about the children he killed through abortion.

What a sad sad man.

He needed women to love him, and couldn't stand the attention his mother gave to a younger baby. So he devoted his life to making sure women got rid of their children, children who, unbelievably, threatened him. That an innocent tiny helpless baby could threaten this man is beyond astounding.

Why couldn't he use his medical ability to support these women through their pregnancies instead of taking the lives of their innocent children?

Now we are left with his legacy of abortion clinics across our country. Clinics that cause death and destruction instead of healing and nurturing. Clinics that were born from his insecurity because of babies. Clinics that we hope and pray will all close one day.

His clinic in New Brunswick is set to close. God willing, it will.

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  1. Well yes it is sad - but it also identifies the dark side of women. Women inflict the vast amount of emotional/psychological abuse/neglect on children and Morgantaler was effected by that at a formative age. I think it just shows the full circle when taken to the extreme - except he became the proxy that perpetrated the violence.

    It is common for women to use men as their proxy for violence and I mean it is no more lacking in reason than the typical feminist saw that denys women any agency for her crimes as the patriarchy is usually at fault somehow.

    The other thing that always struck me about that CBC interview of that vile man was how sick and twisted his "poetry" was. It was really disgusting IMHO.