Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CIHI publishes 2012 abortion stats and Quebec abortion stats for 2011

CIHI has published 2012 abortion statistics for 2012. As usual the data is incomplete. These numbers do not include abortions performed in private physician's offices and medical abortions. And BC clinic data is incomplete.

(Too bad Ontario's Minister of Health Deb Matthews could care less about accurate data with her laughable response to me that she's: "sorry that the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) was unable to provide you with the statistics you were looking for." You'd think that Ms. Matthews would be embarrassed by the fact that CIHI can't supply us with accurate data. But no. She lives is an alternate universe where her government's ability to produce accurate numbers of abortions is optional...but I digress.)

CIHI has finally published Quebec clinic and hospital induced abortion data for 2011.

Quebec Number of Induced Abortions Reported by Hospitals 10,575**
Number of Induced Abortions Reported by Clinics 15,670**
Total 26,245**

As always, these numbers do not include abortions performed in private physician's offices and medical abortions.

** Ontario (clinic data only) and Quebec (clinic and hospital data) include only induced abortions covered by their respective provincial health insurance plans. Data from all other provinces/territories (including Ontario hospital data) includes all induced abortions, whether paid for by the patient or by a different health insurance plan. For example, patients with coverage under Quebec's health insurance plan receiving care in Manitoba are reported by Manitoba. However, patients with coverage under Manitoba's health insurance plan receiving care in Quebec are not reported (by either Quebec or Manitoba). 


  1. Patricia - thank-you for assembling ALL this data. It is a shock.

    I am just astonished that this information has been successfully "repressed" for so long in order to protect the abortion industry.

    It is not lost on me that Feminists have been just as successful in subverting, hiding or obfuscating the same kinds of data about "Rape/Sexual Assaults" and "The Pay Gap".

    Its about time that "right-thinking" women rejected the moniker "feminist" and called those who still harbour the idea that Feminism stands for something it demonstrablly does not.

    Only then will these sordid, dangerous and misleading lies that have perpetrated upon a whole generation end.

    Factual Feminst (Christina Hoff-Sommers at American Enterprise Institute)
    Rape Stats FALSE -
    Pay Gap FALSE -

  2. Patricia,

    I have compared these Abortion stats to Total Major Causes of Death
    (link here =>

    The result is shocking.

    Abortions are the #1 Single cause of Death in this country - which at 92,524 in 2011 far exceeded Deaths from #1 Cancer (72,476 in 2011), #2 Cardiovascular/Heart Disease (65,839 in 2011) and #3 All Other Diseases (29,583 in 2011).

    Total Deaths for 2011 (which EXCLUDE Abortions) were 242,074.