Monday, December 15, 2014

Trinity University - we need to support them

Read Hutchinson's excellent analysis of Trinity University:
"...This “little university that could” established a school of education, graduates of which the BC College of Teachers would only recognize if they completed an additional year at a public university. There was nothing wrong with TWU’s standard of education. In fact, TWU credits were fully transferable. The issue was the religious beliefs of the TWU community, summarized in a community covenant that was developed and agreed to by faculty, staff and students. TWU considered the College of Teachers’ position to be discrimination based on religious beliefs. The Supreme Court of Canada agreed, ruling in 2001 that the community covenant was appropriate for the private religious institution and that the professional body regulated only the behaviour of those academically qualified graduates who entered the profession, which TWU grads would be as long as the school met the academic standards established by the BC government and the College of Teachers. 
In 2004 the Supreme Court offered similar advice in its decision concerning same-sex marriage. The court noted Canada is a nation that constitutionally provides for a diversity of individual and institutional opinions on marriage, and Parliament had the constitutional authority to decide only a civil definition of marriage. Parliament recognized this diversity, and particular protection for religious individuals and institutions in the ”expression of their beliefs in respect of marriage as the union of a man and woman to the exclusion of all others,” in the 2005 legislation changing the definition of civil marriage to “the lawful marriage of two persons...” (emphasis added)
If it's good enough for the Supreme Court of Canada, then it's good enough for me

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