Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stephen Harper must face the Children

CCBR's campaign, Face the Children, has just released its fourth post card to constituents in MP Parm Gill's riding. The previous three MPs were Stephen Harper, Michelle Rempel and Bal Gosal.

When the campaign was first launched, the Calgary Sun's Michale Platt didn't seem too pleased with the campaign:
Anti-abortion advocates use repulsive tactics to get message across in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Calgary riding.

His article used words like "upsetting", "despicable", "disgusting" and "repulsive" in describing the campaign and people's reactions to it. Well yea--isn't that like stating the obvious? Abortion is upsetting, despicable, disgusting and repulsive.

Everyone knows that the euphemistic word "choice" doesn't convey the actual choice being made: the choice to kill an innocent human life. These postcards convey this truth. If people are upset with the pictures, they should ask themselves, why are they upset?

Mr. Harper refuses to enact legislation to limit abortion in any way in this country. He also denies us the forum to even have an abortion debate--in our Parliament. And many other MPs, like those being targeted in this campaign, sing from the same song book.

So the postcards depict the abortion debate--that we can't have--in a graphic and truthful way. If we can't debate abortion in Parliament, then we must debate it elsewhere. That is what CCBR is doing: bringing the debate to the people.

Mr. Harper has the power to do something about abortion in Canada. But he won't. So he and the other MPs will have to face the children they won't protect.

(CCBR's FAQ on the campaign)


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