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Ireland - don't cave to the pro-abortions

The abortion debate is raging in Ireland where the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill is being debated in the Irish Parliament. This change to Ireland's laws would include a clause that would allow abortion if a woman is suicidal.

I recently spent a month on this beautiful green island which has always been a safe haven for the unborn. So much so, that the Irish have written protection for pre-born children into their constitution.

I followed the debate, which was well documented in the Irish Times. There were articles and letters pretty much daily in the Times during my stay there.

Here are a few noteworthy quotes from letter writers in the Irish Times:
"...During my five years post-graduate training in obstetrics and gynaecology in England, my chiefs regularly reminded me that pregnant women did not commit suicide. This was borne out in my subsequent career. As a consultant obstetrician/gynecologist...with responsibility for almost 100,000 confinements, I didn't encounter a single case of suicide - Eamon O'Dwyer, Prof Emeritus of Gynaecology&Obstetrics, Galway."

"...Senator Fidelma Healy Eames described abortion as a "Miedieval solution to crisis pregnancy"". (from an article in the Times)

"...The "Clarity" emerging already is that it will give very little "protection" to the unborn so that sooner or later abortion will be easily available. Accordingly, it should be named for what it really is "The introduction of Abortion Bill", or better, the "Irish Holocaust Bill." - Richard O'Connor (Fr), Prof of Theology, Angelicum University, Rome Italy

"...This bill fails to hold doctors accountable for how they interpret and practice it, especially the suicide provisions which inevitable leave room for subjective if the bill is passed, and some doctors authorize termination for women whose risk of suicide could have been managed by other treatments, how would anyone know about it? How would these doctors be held to account? - Dr. Ruth Foley Dublin."

But there was support for the amendment as well. Even Canada's Prima Donna for abortion rights, Joyce Arthur, attached her name to a pro-choice letter supporting this change that will open the floodgates to abortion on demand in Ireland. For any reason or for no reason, for the full nine months of pregnancy. Just like in Canada.

Pro-choice signatories:
Dr MARY FAVIER, Dr MARK MURPHY & Dr PEADAR O’GRADY Doctors for Choice Ireland; CLAIRE FOGARTY, Nurses and Midwives for Choice Ireland; AMELIA REID & ROBERT OBARA, Medical Students for Choice Ireland; JANE FISHER, Director, Ante-natal Results and Choices London; Dr CLARE GERADA, Chairman, Royal College of General Practitioners; Dr WENDY CHAVKIN, Global Doctors For Choice, New York; MARGE BERER, Editor, Reproductive Health Matters London; Prof VERONICA O’KEANE, Trinity College Dublin; Prof WENDY SAVAGE, Doctors for a Woman’s Choice on Abortion, London; JOYCE ARTHUR, Executive Director, Abortion Rights Coalition Canada; CASEY BURCHELL, Committee Member, Reproductive Choice Australia; LESLIE CANNOLD, President, ProChoice Victoria; JENNY EJLAK, President, ProChoice Tasmania; CAIT CALCUTT & KATE MARSH, Children by Choice, Australia; Dr MORGAN HEALY & ALISON McCULLOCH, Abortion Law Reform Association New Zealand, C/o Parnell Square East, Dublin 1. (emphasis added)

Thank God the same day that letter was published in the Times, a whole whack of doctors wrote their own letter in opposition to the proposed changes. Thankfully a lot of doctors in Ireland are against abortion. In fact notice that of the above signatories for abortion, very few of them are Irish doctors, and many are from organizations from other countries like England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. All of whom, have no business in Ireland's affairs anyway.

Pro-life signatories:
Dr ANN BARRY, GP, Dublin; Dr ANNE KENNEDY, GP, Mayo; Dr ANNE RYAN, GP, Kildare; ANNE-MARIE LEECH, GP, Wexford; Dr BRIDGET O’BRIEN, GP, Kerry; CLIODHNA DONNELLY, Palliative Care, Galway; Dr CRISTINA BORDINC, GP, Wexford; Dr DANIEL PURCELL, GP, Kildare; Prof DAVID RYAN, Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Dublin; Dr DEIRDRE GLEESON, Occupational Health Physician /GP, Kildare; Prof EAMONN O’DWYER, Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Galway; Dr EILEEN REILLY, Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Galway; Dr EOGHAN DE FAOITE, NCHD, Dublin; Dr FELIM T DONNELLY, GP, Galway; Dr GEORGE FULLER, GP, Cork; Dr HELEN T O’BRIEN, GP, Dublin; Dr JAMES SHEEHAN, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Galway; Dr JANINA LYONS, GP, Dublin; Dr JOHN C KEHOE, GP, Kildare; Dr JOHN KEHOE SNR, GP, Kildare; Dr JOHN MONAGHAN, Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Galway; Dr JONATHAN JACOB, GP, Carlow; Dr JUDE McSHARRY, GP, Sligo; Dr MAIRE MIRIUM DUGGAN, Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Dublin; Dr MAIRE Nic GHEARAILT, GP, Wicklow; Dr MAIREAD MacCONNAILL, GP, Cork; Dr MARIE THERESE McKENNA, GP, Donegal; Dr MARIE TWOMEY, Palliative Care, Dublin; Dr MARY P CARROLL, Radiologist, Donegal; Dr MAUREEN BRENNAN, GP, Dublin; Dr MAURICE FAHY, GP, Kerry; Dr MICHAEL SALTER, GP Wicklow; Dr MIRIUM HOGAN, GP, Kilkenny; Dr MURROGH BIRMINGHAM, GP, Donegal; Dr MYLES MONAGHAN, Anaesthetics Trainee, Dublin; Dr OLIVE PIERSE, GP, Kerry; Dr ORLA HALPENNY, GP, Dublin; Dr PASCHAL O’DEA, GP, Carlow; Dr PATRICIA O’TOOLE, GP, Carlow; Dr PATRICK KELLY, GP Trainee, Waterford; Dr PATRICK McSHARRY, GP, Sligo; Dr PAULINE BURKE, Public Health, Limerick; Dr PAULINE KANE, GP, Dublin; Dr PETER QUINN, GP, Cork; Dr PHIL BOYLE, Fertility Specialist, Galway; Dr PHILLIP AHERNE, GP, Kildare; Dr RAVI KUMAR, GP, Wexford; Dr RITA O’CONNOR, General Medicine, Clare; Dr SEAMUS KENNEDY, GP, Mayo; Dr SEAN O’DOMHNAILL, Psychiatrist, Kildare; Dr SINEAD KELLY, Palliative Care, Dublin; Dr SUSAN DEACON-KING, GP, Kildare; Dr TREVOR HAYES, Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Kilkenny; Dr URSULA NUSGEN, Microbiologist, Dublin; Dr WILLIAM P FOX, GP, Westmeath; Dr WILLIAM PURCELL, GP, C/o Doctors for Life Ireland, Millennium Park, Naas, Co Kildare.

But will these pro-life doctors stand a chance against the onslaught of the outside pro-abortion advocacy groups like Arthur's? Because that's a lot of world meddling into Ireland's safe haven for babies. And how much money are these interlopers pouring into Ireland anyway? That interference could well help eradicate Irish fetal protection.

Ireland watch out. Do not let the pro-abortions fool you. Do not let the likes of Joyce Arthur fool you. Once you open the doors to abortion on demand in your beautiful country you could end up like Canada. Don't let it happen. Keep your country safe for pre-born children.

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