Thursday, June 13, 2013

Social Conservatives and Stephen Harper

Mike Schouten: Memo to Harper — the abortion issue isn’t going away

Schouten says:
"His actions [Harper's], especially regarding Motion 408, have caused division within his own party. Approximately one quarter of Mr. Harper’s voting base are social conservatives and adamantly pro-life. These are the folks who have been the foot soldiers in the Conservatives’ rise to success. If Harper will not allow even a discussion to take place on this issue — if he prefers to kowtow to Canada’s most militant feminists (none of whom are ever going to vote for him anyway — then he will isolate many of his supporters. Why should these people continue to work for his party, or even show up to vote for it?

In fact, political pundits are openly opining that a new leadership race in the Conservative party could well happen before 2015 — partly because of this issue. In response to CCBR’s project, long-time politico and former PMO Chief of Staff Norman Spector commented on Twitter: “Why Stephen Harper won’t be running in 2015.”

Maybe it's time for the Conservative Party to call for a leadership race. If they don't, the party may very well lose its Social Conservative votes, which as Schouten points out, is at least a quarter of the party. I suggest the party pay attention to the abortion issue. If they don't, they do so at their own peril. It's their call.

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