Friday, April 15, 2011

Quebec Minister shows political disrespect to pro-life groups

As reported in the Montreal Gazette, it is disturbing that a Canadian Provincial Health Minister would publicly state that he made a mistake in funding (from his discretionary budget) a pro-life group, and that he would not have done so if he had known they were pro-life.

We should all be outraged at this elitist behaviour, regardless of whether you are pro-life or pro-choice.

If the funding had come out of Minister Yves Bolduc own pocket, fine. But it didn't. And it may have been his budget, but it's our money. And it's not just the Quebec taxpayers' money, but all taxpayers because of transfer payments from the rest of Canada to Quebec.

Many of our politicians, including Mr. Bolduc, continue to insist that the abortion debate is closed, when it most certainly is not. They seem to enjoy ignoring the approximately 60% of Canadians who consistently tell us in polls that they want protection for the unborn. Protection that is offered by organizations such as naître ou ne pas naître.

Are pro-life people uneducated, uninformed, unimportant, or in some other way unqualified for inclusion in Mr. Bolduc's elite circle of budget decision making largesse?

This disconnect between what the people want and what the politicians will give us, shows a serious lack of democratic respect towards the voting public in this country.

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