Monday, April 25, 2011

It's a funny world for the pro-abortions

Oh boy, the pro-abortions are at it again.

Joyce Arthur thinks that a Harper majority would threaten "abortion rights". First of all, as everybody already knows, there is no such thing in Canada as "abortion rights". Women simply do not have a constitutional right to abortion.

Second, (red herring alert) Stephen Harper has repeatedly stated he would never reopen the abortion debate. And he keeps on saying it over and over and over again. He even said it again last week.

Then Arthur goes on to say that the Conservative government:
"cancelled universal childcare and pay equity".

Say what? We never had universal childcare in this country. So how could the Conservatives cancel it?

As for pay equity, the Conservatives created the "Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act" which:
"For unionized employees, the Act makes employers and bargaining agents jointly accountable through the collective bargaining process for ensuring that compensation is equitable. Each and every time a collective agreement is negotiated, the employer and the bargaining agent will be required to report on how they intend to address equitable compensation matters. For non-unionized employees, employers alone will be responsible for ensuring equitable compensation and preparing equitable compensation reports proactively."

Nope, pay-equity wasn't cancelled. Just made more--equitable. Oh well never mind, just don't confuse me with the facts.

Then Arthur says:
"please consider voting strategically to ensure that the Conservative candidate does not win." and refers the reader to a site called the Catch22 campaign. This site identifies who one should vote for if they want to vote strategically against the Conservatives.

One of the candidates on the site is Paul Szabo, a pro-life Liberal MP. Good choice, Joyce.

At the end of her piece Arthur brings up the Conservatives refusal to include abortion in their maternal G8 maternal and child health initiative last year. She says:
" is wrong and hypocritical for our government to take an official position that denies the right to life for countless desperate women who risk their lives by resorting to abortion."

So let me get this straight. It's wrong to deny right to life for women, but it's okay to deny right to life for the unborn?

Welcome to the world of the pro-abortions' moral relativism creed.

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  1. The countless desperate women can save themselves by NOT HAVING THE ABORTION. Fetuses do not have that option.